Kaleerein: Vivaan and Meera face a divorce twist

Kaleerein: Vivaan-Meera succeed to defeat psychotic Sunny

Vivaan and Meera have a fight for the bed. Vivaan asks her to wake up and leave. Meera doesn’t listen to him. She becomes a headache for Vivaan. He gets irritated by her drama. Meera removes her mangalsutra. She is also unhappy with the unwanted marriage. They get arguing when she wakes up. He gets divorce papers and tells her that they should get separated. Meera too isn’t interested in him. Their marriage happened under strange circumstances. The relation is meaningless for Vivaan. Meera signs the papers. The pen doesn’t work. Her sign gets spoiled. Vivaan tells her that he will arrange papers again. He asks her not to dominate in his life. Meera’s family is happy with the marriage. Dolly doesn’t let any bad omen occur. Vivaan also supports Meera by fulfilling all the rituals. Meera hides the divorce papers from family.

Vivaan reaches Meera’s house and gets a warm welcome. The family treats him well. Vivaan gets the special treatment as he has come to his in-laws house post marriage. Dolly forcibly feeds him the sweets. Vivaan’s stomach gets upset. He couldn’t say anything to upset Meera’s family.

Meera finds Vivaan troubled. She gives him herbal remedy for his relief. She thanks him for bringing happiness in her family. He finds hard to digest the spicy food. Meera and Vivaan have a tiff. Vivaan decides to divorce her. Meera argues with him and refuses to sign the papers first. The family worries for their relation. Vivaan angrily blurts out the truth and tells Meera’s family that he won’t tolerate Meera further. This turns out to be Meera’s dream. Meera screams and then realizes everything is in control.


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