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Suyyash comes across Falguni

Ishqbaaz: Roop traps Shivay in her bungalow. She asks her men to keep an eye on Shivay. She takes away his phone as well. Omkara and Rudra can’t believe that Roop can stoop so low. They try to find Shivay’s location. They hide the marriage matter from Anika, as Shivay doesn’t want Anika to have any tensions. Anika still gets tensed and asks them about Shivay. Omkara and Rudra succeed to lie to Anika and cover up the matter. Shakti and Pinky also stay stressed about Shivay’s whereabouts. They don’t want Shivay to fall in any trouble. They get angered on Roop, when she calls them up. Roop threatens Pinky and asks her to keep the things discrete. She tells Pinky that she has kidnapped Shivay and wants her to obey her command. She asks Pinky to come to her place.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Ishita gets locked and shouts for help. Raman finds her location and tries to reach her soon. Bhavna attacks Ishita with a warning. Raman hears Ishita screaming and rushes to save her. Bhavna tells Ishita that Sonakshi will not spare her, as Ishita has snatched her house. Ishita tells Bhavna that she has no idea about Sonakshi. Raman, Romi and Ruhi try to break the door and get in to stop Bhavna’s madness.

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya:

Indra gets troubled by sighting Shambu. He gets tensed. Gauri happens to come across Indra’s fake passports. She gets to know his truth. She gets worried and understands that Indra is Seth ji. She tries to inform Thakur about Indra. Thakur tells them that they have reached the same place after travelling so much. Gauri goes to Thakur and tells him that Indra is Seth ji, who is cheating them as a CID officer. She asks Thakur and Lakhan to leave by some excuse. Preeti also sights Shambu Baba, who directs her for his motives. Namrata doesn’t let anyone touch her bags. No one knows that she is carrying the important Shivlings, which everyone is looking for. Thakur and Lakhan manage to flee by making an excuse. Gauri shares the truth with Latika and manages to escape with her.


Avni and Neil’s relation will soon get a big twist after a revelation about their child. Avni makes a mind to leave from Neil’s life so that he can start a new life and make a new relationship with Mitali. Neil’s family doesn’t want Avni to leave. Avni tells Neil that she doesn’t want to become a burden on him. She feels she is enough to raise the kids alone. She doesn’t want the kids to face more problems in life. Neil apologizes to her. He asks her not to make the kids suffer because of their fight. The family requests Avni to end the matter. Neil asks Avni to leave his house when she finds a good house for the kids. She decides to stay back for time being.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

Naira and Kartik find out Rahul and Suhana’s relation truth. They feel ashamed of Suhana for cheating them about Rahul. They realize Rahul isn’t Suhana’s brother, but her boyfriend. Kartik tells Naira that now that they have seen Suhana’s truth themselves, they can’t let Aryan go ahead with this marriage. They decide to gather proof and expose Suhana. Naira loses cool when she finds Suhana checking Dadi’s safe to steal jewelry. Naira thinks of confronting Suhana and giving her an ultimatum to leave from Aryan’s life. Suhana is also sure that Naira can’t do anything and she will become Goenkas’ bahu soon.


Kali scolds Leela for having a sick mentality. She asks Leela to be in peace as Susheel is out of Satya’s life now. She doesn’t want Leela to trouble Susheel more. She asks Leela not to spoil things if she can’t make anything better. Kali regrets that she couldn’t do anything for Susheel, whom she regarded as her daughter. She feels she has left Susheel alone in the battle. She gets guilt stricken knowing she couldn’t do anything when Susheel needed her. She feels lost to Leela. Satya finds Kali crying and asks her the matter. Kali tells Satya what Leela has done. She asks him to do something for Susheel.

Satya tells Kali that Leela isn’t responsible for anything, as he has married Susheel by his wish. Kali tells Satya that Leela has always wanted to kill Susheel, since her birth. Satya then doesn’t defend Leela’s crimes. Kali tells him how Leela is conspiring to get Susheel killed in the wrestling match. Satya can’t imagine Leela has done much crimes in the past. Jhanno also provides evidence against Leela. She tells Satya and Kali that Leela has killed Susheel’s mother by plotting the deadly accident. Satya gets moved by Leela’s shocking truth.

Meanwhile, Sarthi asks Susheel to keep respect of their soil which nourishes them into a better person. Susheel goes for the wrestling match and starts her life’s new chapter. Susheel faces a tough competition when she is asked to fight being blindfold. Sarthi asks Susheel to focus on the sound than sight. Leela wishes Susheel bites dust. Susheel wins the round by following Sarthi’s tips. Leela awaits for the last round, which will take away Susheel’s life.


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