Laado 2: Anushka’s mixed feelings towards Shaurya


Shaurya keeps a condition in front of Anushka. He asks her to tell him what all happened with her since ten years. She tells him that this isn’t his love, but his childishness as love doesn’t have any conditions. He asks her not to make fun of his love. He doesn’t want to bear insult of love. She tells him that he shouldn’t keep any conditions when she wants to make his health better. She wants to treat him like a good friend, knowing he loves Juhi and she is always disappointing her. She saves his life as a friend. She doesn’t want him to fight in the wrestling ring to hurt himself. He tells her that she doesn’t want to let him go away and come close, she always puts him in trouble. He is in dilemma over her mixed feelings.

She just wants to politely turn him down, without hurting his feelings. She has much humanity and can’t break his heart, knowing he is not at fault. She regrets that she has hurt him a lot in the past. She decides to keep her friendship with Shaurya.

Anushka hurts her hand to save Juhi’s property from Shagun. She acts like she has got hurt unknowingly. She doesn’t want to sign the property papers. Dadi worries for Anushka’s wound and does the aid. Shagun doubts if Anushka knows her truth. Later, Anushka gets surprised when she gets Harman and Jasleen’s marriage invitation card. She worries for Soumya. She shares her concern with Shaurya. They plan to meet Harman and Soumya. Shakti and Laado 2 will be having a merger.


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