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Saam Daam Dand Bhed:
Vijay is proved innocent. He has returned home. Bhabhi regrets that she has doubted Vijay. She doesn’t meet his eyes and avoids him. The family tries to help Vijay and talk to him, but Vijay prefers to stay silent. He is equally hurt as the family didn’t trust him before. He apologizes to his brother while talking to his picture. He doesn’t want to clarify anything to family, as they concluded him to be Prahbat’s murderer. He wants the family to realize their mistake. He doesn’t know what to do to deal with them. He was considered wrong by the family and sent to jail as well. He is glad that Bulbul showed trust in him and rescued him from the bad blame. He doesn’t forgive anyone easily.

Dil Se Dil Tak:
Teni will be seen getting engaged. The show will be taking a short leap. Teni gets engaged with a sweet and simple guy Iqbal whom she meets in Delhi. They perform in their engagement. The guy objects seeing her already wearing a ring. Teni removes Parth’s ring forcibly and hurts herself. She then wears the new ring, accepting the new relation. Teni doesn’t get her memory back. She has forgotten the phase of life, which she has spent with Parth and Shorvori.

Woh Apna Sa:
Akash and Jia got married just to show the world. They are just having a marriage drama to turn Arjun jealous. They put up fake romance moment to make Arjun realize his mistake. Rano takes advantage of Jia’s drama. Binny and Akash have a huge fight. Binny reprimands him publicly in the party. Jia tries to stop Binny, who expresses her hatred. Binny tells Jia that she hates Jia, as she has snatched Akash from her. Akash slaps Binny and asks her to leave from the party. Akash holds Binny responsible for Jia’s wardrobe malfunction. He asks Binny to accept her mistake. Binny denies the blames. She wants revenge from Jia. Binny doesn’t know Rano has planned everything against Jia.


Neil and Avni have a moment. Neil hugs Avni and gets emotional. Everything doesn’t get fine between them. Avni imagines Neil. She recollects their past moments. She misses Neil in her life. Avni plans to move out from Neil’s house. Neil stops Avni and Mogli. He doesn’t want Avni to leave. Neil and his family ask Avni to stay back. Avni doesn’t listen to them. Neil then loses temper and scolds Avni for always going against him. Neil asks Avni why does she have so much ego. Prakash tries to explain Avni that the family needs her. Avni respects Prakash and asks him to allow her to leave. Neil gets scolded by his family.

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre:
Dr. Alekh spikes Devika’s drink. He tries to adore her beauty, being obsessed with her. Varun comes to meet Devika. Alekh flees from the window. Alekh doesn’t get caught. Devika doesn’t know Varun’s truth. Varun unknowingly saves her from Alekh’s evil intentions. Dr. Alekh compliments Devika’s beauty. Varun laughs hearing the appraisal. Devika asks Varun why is he laughing. Varun tells Devika that she looks like a parrot in green dress. Dr. Alekh gets angry when Devika takes Varun’s advice and changes her costume for the performance. Devika mesmerizes everyone by her dance performance. Devika and Dr. Alekh proceed for their engagement. Devika loves Varun. She feels heartbroken.

Vivaan reaches Meera’s house and gets a warm welcome. The family treats him well. Vivaan gets the special treatment as he has come to his in-laws house post marriage. Dolly forcibly feeds him the sweets. Vivaan’s stomach gets upset. He couldn’t say anything to upset Meera’s family. Meera finds Vivaan troubled. She gives him herbal remedy for his relief. She thanks him for bringing happiness in her family. He finds hard to digest the spicy food. Meera and Vivaan have a tiff. Vivaan decides to divorce her. Meera argues with him and refuses to sign the papers first. The family worries for their relation. Vivaan angrily blurts out the truth and tells Meera’s family that he won’t tolerate Meera further. This turns out to be Meera’s dream. Meera screams and then realizes everything is in control.

Jiji Maa:
Rawat family have a trip to Goa. They celebrate Niyati’s babymoon. The family spends some relieving and rejoicing moments. Suyash and Falguni have fun on the beaches. Vidhaan acts to faint and gets Niyati’s attention. They enjoy their babymoon. Suyash finds Falguni sinking in water. He rushes to rescue her. He wonders why Falguni is falling in trouble often. He doesn’t leave her alone. The couples play a romantic game to show their compatibility. Suyash intentionally loses in the game to make Vidhaan and Niyati win. Jayant clicks a foreigner’s pictures, while Uttara poses. She then finds Jayant’s mischief and takes his class.

Shivay and Anika’s romance will be seen. Shivay makes a deal with Roop. He lies that he would be marrying someone else and divorce Anika. Omkara and Rudra team up with Shivay to fail Roop’s plans. Veer runs away from the jail. He reaches Oberoi mansion to kill Anika. He wants to ruin Shivay and Anika. He decides to punish Shivay by snatching his love. Shivay learns about Veer’s intentions. He runs to home to save Anika. Till Shivay reaches her, she gets attacked and captured by Veer.

Tu Aashiqui:

Ahaan and Pankti go lost in the jungle. They have cute moments. Ahaan and Pankti become each other’s strength. Their romance is seen. They spend some moments of peace, away from families and tensions. Ahaan cares for her. He arranges fruits for her. Pankti gets touched by his gestures. She tells him that he always comes to save her when she is stuck in the problem, he is really her hero. He asks her to drink the water which he got first and then praise him. They run away from JD and the policemen. Pankti hears the dogs barking. She tells Ahaan that police is nearly reaching them. Ahaan protects Pankti.


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