Tu Aashiqui: JD to chase Ahaan and Pankti


Ahaan and Pankti go lost in the jungle. They have cute moments. Ahaan and Pankti become each other’s strength. Their romance is seen. They spend some moments of peace, away from families and tensions. Ahaan cares for her. He arranges fruits for her. Pankti gets touched by his gestures. She tells him that he always comes to save her when she is stuck in the problem, he is really her hero. He asks her to drink the water which he got first and then praise him. They run away from JD and the policemen. Pankti hears the dogs barking. She tells Ahaan that police is nearly reaching them. Ahaan protects Pankti.

Meanwhile, Vikram decides to go office. Richa decides his formal clothes. She asks him to wear the clothes of his choice. He gifts her a pair of earrings. He tells her that he plans to take her for a movie, as he wants to apologize to her. Richa forgives him. Richa gets pampered by Vikram, who is planning to cheat the family. Vikram acts romantic and cheerful. Richa gets glad by his efforts.


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