Udaan: Karan promises to bring good times for Aazaadgunj


Chakor, Suraj and entire villagers celebrate in the haveli. They don’t know about Imli’s presence. Tejaswini takes care of Saanvi. Karan opens a new office in Aazaadgunj. He throws a party for everyone in the haveli. Chakor is happy that the village is prospering because of Karan. She tells him that she will always support him as long as he is working for the development of the village. Chakor teams up with Karan, while Suraj gets suspicious about him. Karan assures everyone that he will build hospitals, schools and fun fairs for villagers only to begin the village’s good times.

Karan and Suraj play dhol and dance with everyone. Chakor and Suraj perform the havan, which gets ruined by Imli. Chakor gets scared by the bad omen. Karan doesn’t let Chakor leave the puja. He assures that he will make everything fine. He makes her complete the puja.

Chakor goes to look for Saanvi. She asks Tejaswini about Saanvi. Tejaswini tells Chakor that the old woman is pacifying Saanvi. She asks Chakor not to worry. Chakor runs to see if Saanvi is fine. Saanvi gets kidnapped by Imli. Imli stains Suraj and Chakor’s happiness. Karan conspires to ruin SuKor and Aazaadgunj. Imli also has evil intentions against SuKor. She wants to ruin Chakor’s dreams by making Saanvi her bandhua. Suraj and Chakor are unaware of their hidden enemies. How will they face Imli and Karan? Keep reading.


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