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Laado 2:
Anushka finds hard to live as Juhi. She is helpless. Dadi and Shaurya have a talk. Anushka finds Dadi happy. Dadi shows the gifts for Juhi. Dadi tells Anushka that she was waiting for her as its her mum’s birthday today. Shaurya asks Anushka not to say that she doesn’t remember her mum. Dadi also agrees with Shaurya. Anushka tells Dadi that she remembers everything. Dadi says you always used to make innocent face and put the blame on Shaurya. She tells Anushka that the gifts are for Amma ji, who raised Juhi like her own child. She tells more about Amma ji and her great character.

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya:
The imposter tries to convince Diya and Kakisa. Kakisa slaps him and doesn’t listen to his nonsense. The imposter still sticks to his word that he is real Ratan Singh. He just wants his rights on Kesar Mahal. He wishes the family accepts him. He tells Kakisa that he knows its tough for them to believe him, but he will act patient and wait for them to accept his truth.

Dil Se Dil Tak:
Teni visits a mosque and prays for her future. She expresses her feelings. She also visits temple and church to keep her prayers. She wishes her life gets back on track. She gets into a cute conversation with Lord. She wants Lord to be on her side. She prepares for her engagement. Teni is beginning a new life.

Kumkum Bhagya:

Pragya fails to save Abhi from Simonika’s evil plan. Simonika changes her statement and traps Abhi in her fake murder case. The show will be taking a leap. Pragya will be seen living with rockstar King Singh. Abhi meets his little daughter, who happens to be his fan. The girl tells him about her dad King Singh, who is more famous than him. Abhi comes across his Fuggi, who is assumed to be wedded to King Singh. Abhi and Pragya’s new chapter begins.


Mogli goes missing. Avni has scolded Mogli when he asked her about his parents. Mogli leaves from the house in a gloomy state. Avni loses Mogli. Avni shatters on learning about his leaving. She takes Neil and Sunehri’s help to find Mogli. Avni cries when she fails to find Mogli. Neil supports Avni. He asks her not to break down, he will search for Mogli. Neil and Avni try to find their son. Neil assures her that he will make everything fine. He is annoyed with her, but always turns protective. He asks Avni why did she scold Mogli, what was the matter bothering Mogli. Mogli brings them closer. Neil decides to keep his anger at bay and help Avni.


Roma disapproves Vivaan and Meera’s marriage. She asks Vivaan to see the class difference between them and Meera. Vivaan asks her to relax, as everything is in control. He tells her that he will divorce Meera soon. Roma says you do realize that Meera can’t even become our maid, she is so low class and disgusting. She feels horrible when Dolly hugs her. She asks Vivaan to keep Meera and her family away from her. She feels Vivaan is losing his mind being in Meera’s company. Vivaan is sure to handle everything. He receives a shock when Meera refuses to divorce him.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Ishita and Raman celebrate Baisakshi with their families. Ishita gets a gift from Raman. She likes the gifted punjabi traditional dress. She gets decked up for Raman. Raman gifts her another surprise. He completes her look. Raman then closes her eyes and takes her to Iyer house to show her Tamilian family in Punjabi avatars. Ishita compliments her parents for looking superb in Punjabi style. Ruhi gets to see Sonakshi’s spirit around her house. Ruhi will be surfacing the suspense.

Siddhi Vinayak:
A big twist comes where Vin’s biggest enemy will be shown. His mum Manjiri will be seen in bad light, as she has been attempting to kill Vin till now. The suspense will be thrilling. Manjiri’s evil face will come to the fore. Her hidden intentions will be getting revealed. Siddhi and Vinayak are coming close post their marriage, which is just known to Siddhi. Vin just treats her like a personal assistant. Even then, he starts falling in love with her. Manjiri’s truth and her hatred for Vin will be seen. Manjiri kills one of her aide Laxmi to conceal her truth.


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