Ishqbaaz (PicFiction): Veer attempts to kill Anika


Shivay gets away with the evidences against Anika’s dad Harshvardhan. Omkara and Rudra too assist Shivay in making an escape from Roop’s clutches. Shivay reaches home with a good news that he has set all the things right. He doesn’t want to fall in Roop’s threatening. Shivay doesn’t know about Roop’s meet with Pinky and their deal for his life. He wants to ensure that family that everything is in control. Unfortunately, their biggest enemy Veer gets back in their lives once again. Veer fights with the constables and escapes from the police custody. Veer reaches Anika and attacks her.

Shivay gets a call from Roop. She tells him about Veer’s prison breaking. She alerts Shivay about his wife Anika, knowing Veer will not spare Anika now. She feels proud of her son, who doesn’t spare his enemies. She holds a big grudge against Shivay and Anika. Veer kidnaps Anika, before Shivay runs to save her. He decides to punish Shivay by snatching his love.

Shivay learns about Veer’s intentions. He runs to his room to save Anika. Veer makes a leave from Oberoi mansion. He takes Anika to some isolated place and dumps her inside a huge water tank. He wants unconscious Anika to sink in the water and die. Veer sits there watching her slow approaching death to have fun. Shivay looks for Anika everywhere. He asks Omkara and Rudra to find Veer. Obros will be finding Anika and Veer. Shivay will be heroically saving Anika again.


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