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    Suyyash comes across Falguni

    Ikyawann: Satya can’t believe that Leela is a criminal. Kali tells him that Leela is still trying to knock down Susheel. Satya tells Kali that Leela can’t kill anyone. Jhanno gets her voice back and confirms that Leela has killed Susheel’s mum. Satya decides to get Leela punished. Kali tells him that Jhanno’s statement won’t be valued, Leela has to admit all her crimes herself. She asks him to protect Susheel from Leela’s planning. He agrees to protect Susheel. Susheel celebrates her victory with Sarthi and other women. Kali makes a plan to expose Leela. She asks Satya to stay serious about marrying Soumya and do a drama to fool Leela. Sejal tries to get clues about Soumya’s first husband. Leela meets Jessica and instigates her to kill Susheel in the next round. She takes a disguise to meet Jessica.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

    Aaliya tries to clear Adi’s misunderstandings. Adi doesn’t want to take orders from Mani. He asks Aaliya not to meddle with his work. Aaliya doesn’t want to argue with him to increase others’ worries. She asks him not to create troubles for Ishita and family. She asks Adi to come home for the festive. Raman and Romi discuss about finding Bhavna. Raman doesn’t want to risk Bhavna’s life by searching for her like any criminal. Roshni surprises Bhallas and Iyers by returning home. She tells them that she has come back home, as she has completed her course in London. She gets a place in Iyer house. Iyers give her a warm welcome.


    Roop’s goons try to find Shivay in the storeroom. Shivay tries to distract them. Omkara and Rudra come to his rescue. Shivay manages to run away from the goons. He then faces a shock seeing Roop returning. Shivay hides from Roop. He looks for the exit. Roop learns Shivay has escaped. She scolds the goons. She finds the folder missing too. She asks the goons to catch Shivay before he reaches home. Omkara and Rudra get happy that Shivay has left safely. Pinky hides the matter from Anika. She tells Shakti how Roop is blackmailing her for Shivay’s remarriage. She doesn’t want to ruin Anika’s marriage. She tells Shakti that she can’t do injustice with Anika again.


    Prakash tells the family that Vidyut has died in the cell after getting into a fight with an inmate. The family feels happy that a devil went from their lives. Shweta asks Avni not to get scared of anything now. Sunehri asks Avni to live freely now. Avni feels she has to tell Saisha about Vidyut, as its really important. She doesn’t want to hide the truth. Neil doesn’t think that Vidyut deserves final rites done by Saisha’s hands. He feels Vidyut doesn’t deserve the respect. Avni wants Vidyut to get soul peace. She wants Vidyut’s child to do his final rites. She also wants Saisha to know her real identity. Neil and Avni get into an argument. Avni goes to meet Saisha. Neil feels Saisha will not take this truth easily, it will be too tough for her to accept this.

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

    Naira tries to fail Suhana’s plans. She tells Suwarna that she will make Suhana wear the jewelry. She replaces the real ones with fake jewelry. She completes the rituals. She tells Suhana that she won’t let her win. Suhana still stays overconfident. Naira tells Kartik that the family won’t believe them if they have no proof. She doesn’t want Aryan to feel bad. Naira asks Kartik about the hairpin, assuming he gifted it. Kartik has no idea about it. He compliments her. The stalker eyes her. He wishes Naira comes in her life. Kirti requests Devyaani for her herbal kada and wins her heart. Devyaani gets happy that Kirti has sided away her doubts. Naksh gets glad with Kirti’s understanding.

    Kaal Bhairav Rahasya:

    Indra blackmails Gauri and takes her with him to Kashi. He wants her to give the Shivlings to him. Gauri asks him to spare everyone’s lives after getting Shivlings. Indra agrees to leave everyone. Gauri asks him to permit her to attend puja in Shiv temple. Indra wants her to find the Shivlings soon. Namrata proceeds with the Shivlings and wants to meet her love Rahul once. Rahul tells everyone that Indra has faked his death, he is Seth ji who had been after the Shivlings till now. He explains how Indra has been dealing with Namrata for the Shivlings. He feels upset that his brother is a criminal. Indra calls up Yashpal and informs him that Gauri is in his clutches. Yashpal doesn’t believe him. Gauri talks to Rahul and Yashpal. Indra tells Rahul that Gauri is more sensible than him. He wants Rahul to stop chasing him. Gauri knows Indra is dangerous.


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