Naamkarann: Mogli to bring Neil-Avni closer


Mogli goes missing. Avni has scolded Mogli when he asked her about his parents. Mogli leaves from the house in a gloomy state. Avni loses Mogli. Avni shatters on learning about his leaving. She takes Neil and Sunehri’s help to find Mogli. Avni cries when she fails to find Mogli. Neil supports Avni. He asks her not to break down, he will search for Mogli. Neil and Avni try to find their son. Neil assures her that he will make everything fine. He is annoyed with her, but always turns protective. He asks Avni why did she scold Mogli, what was the matter bothering Mogli. Mogli brings them closer. Neil decides to keep his anger at bay and help Avni.

Avni then spots Mogli. Avni and Neil get Mogli and hug him happily. Avni visits a jewelry shop and sells the bracelet gifted by Neil as she needed money. Neil buys the bracelet back. He takes Sunehri’s help to send the gift for Avni. Sunehri wishes Neil and Avni unite again. She asks him to personally gift Avni. Neil meets Avni and gifts her the bracelet. They have a moment. Neil will soon learn his connection with Mogli.


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