Naamkarann: Saisha to perform Vidyut’s final rites


Prakash tells the family that Vidyut has died in the cell after getting into a fight with an inmate. The family feels happy that a devil went from their lives. Shweta asks Avni not to get scared of anything now. Sunehri asks Avni to live freely now. Avni feels she has to tell Saisha about Vidyut, as its really important. She doesn’t want to hide the truth. Neil doesn’t think that Vidyut deserves final rites done by Saisha’s hands. He feels Vidyut doesn’t deserve the respect. Avni wants Vidyut to get soul peace. She wants Vidyut’s child to do his final rites. She also wants Saisha to know her real identity. Neil and Avni get into an argument. Avni goes to meet Saisha. Neil feels Saisha will not take this truth easily, it will be too tough for her to accept this.

Avni meets KK and Saisha and reveals about Vidyut’s connection. Saisha gets disheartened knowing she is a criminal’s daughter. Saisha can’t believe that her father has harmed many lives. She knows the truth will ruin her life. She asks Avni why did she tell this truth to her at this time, when she didn’t need to.

Kamini gets upset knowing this truth. She taunts Saisha over her bad birth. She asks KK to choose between her or Saisha. She doesn’t want to accept Saisha. Avni wants Saisha to do Vidyut’s final rites. Kamini asks Saisha not to go. Avni makes Saisha perform the final rites. Avni feels proud of Saisha. Saisha thanks Avni for showing her the right path. Avni tells her that Mitali arranged a house for the kids. Neil and Mitali get gifts for the kids and bring happiness in their lives. Mitali helps Avni for her own peace. Neil asks Mitali to get some smart tablets for the kids. Mitali doesn’t think Avni wants any gadgets for the kids so soon. Neil feels he doesn’t understand Avni well.

Kamini scolds Saisha for performing final rites of her dad. She asks Saisha to go back to Avni. She throws out Saisha from the house, but KK intervenes to support Saisha. Kamini asks KK to decide whom he wants in his life. Kamini asks KK to leave Saisha. KK doesn’t want to turn away from his responsibility. He refuses to leave the house. Prakash finds Neil and Mogli similar. He realizes Mogli is Neil’s son. Shweta wants Avni and Neil to re-concile. She says they should either get back or get away. She feels Mitali deserves a chance from Neil. Avni too wants Neil to accept Mitali. Avni asks Neil to forget her and move on in life, if he can’t forgive her. They have an argument. Neil vents out anger on Avni. He tells Avni that he loved her and now he hates her. Avni breaks her mangalsutra from his wrist and frees him from her memories. She breaks her relation with Neil, which angers him more.


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