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Aapke Aa Jane Se: Vedika is trying to free Sahil from jail. Nidha has got Sahil arrested for domestic violence. Vedika asks Pandey to give statement in Sahil’s favor. Pandey keeps dirty conditions in front of Vedika. He asks Vedika to dance for him and his friends, if she wants to see Sahil out of jail. She requests him to support the truth. She gets angry. She wants to prove Sahil innocent. She says it will be wrong with Sahil if he bears injustice. She asks him to take back the false statement against Sahil.

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre:

Dr. Alekh compliments Devika’s beauty. Varun laughs hearing the appraisal. Devika asks Varun why is he laughing. Varun tells Devika that she looks like a parrot in green dress. Dr. Alekh gets angry when Devika takes Varun’s advice and changes her costume for the performance. Devika mesmerizes everyone by her dance performance. Devika and Dr. Alekh proceed for their engagement. Devika loves Varun. She feels heartbroken.

Saam Daam Dand Bhed:

Anant’s truth got exposed. Vijay was put in trouble by Anant. Anant tries to kill Vijay. Police arrests Anant. Anant tells Vijay that he won’t let anyone get his love. He threatens to ruin Vijay and Mandira. Vijay feels bad that his once upon a good friend Anant has cheated him so badly. Vijay wishes Anant pays for his crimes and learns lessons from his mistake. Vijay attends the puja conducted at home for his return. Bhabhi gets Prahbat’s Pagdi for Vijay. She wants Vijay to be the head of the house. Vijay refuses to accept the Pagdi.

Woh Apna Sa:
Akash and Jia have romance over tea. Jia tries to be a dutiful wife. Their romance angers Arjun. Jia calls Akash the best husband. Arjun angrily breaks the glass. He fails to tolerate more and goes away. Rano understands Jia’s plans. She tries to expose Jia and Akash’s fake marriage drama in front of Arjun. Akash wants Arjun and Jia to unite. He consoles Jia and asks her to be hopeful. Jia tells Akash that they have to expose Rano’s true face. She worries for Akash and Arjun’s bad terms. Akash asks her not to worry, as he isn’t worried to lie, if the lie can solve all their problems.


Imli kidnaps Saanvi to make her bandhua. She gets a stamp to gift Saanvi. She wanted to shock Chakor by gifting slavery to her daughter. Chakor and Suraj get a relief when they get Saanvi back. Chakor cries and hugs Saanvi. She gets happy but also gets a fear in mind that she will lose Saanvi again. Suraj consoles Chakor. He asks her not to worry as he will take care of Saanvi well.


Veer fights with the constables and escapes from the police custody. Veer reaches Anika and attacks her. Shivay gets a call from Roop. She tells him about Veer’s prison breaking. She alerts Shivay about his wife Anika, knowing Veer will not spare Anika now. She feels proud of her son, who doesn’t spare his enemies. She holds a big grudge against Shivay and Anika. Veer kidnaps Anika, before Shivay runs to save her. Veer makes a leave from Oberoi mansion. He takes Anika to some isolated place and dumps her inside a huge water tank.

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya:

Fake Ratan performs all the rituals and places Maan Singh’s idol. Diya doesn’t like the imposter fulfilling all the customs. Ratan gets depressed when the imposter provides evidences against him and tries to take his place in the family. Imposter presents the passport and ID cards to win Diya’s belief. Ratan loses his cool and gets into a fight with the imposter.


Vivaan’s stepmum Roma arrives from London. Meera bumps into Roma’s car while saving a little kid from getting hit accidentally. Meera scolds Roma for driving so rashlessly and not caring for anyone’s life. They get into an argument. Roma throws money on Meera. Meera threatens to damage her car. Roma asks her to back off. Meera doesn’t know Roma is Vivaan’s step mum. She returns the money and takes her class. Roma arrives at Meera’s house to meet her. Vivaan welcomes her. Meera then gets a shock seeing Roma. Roma didn’t wish Vivaan to marry. She dislikes Meera more. Roma wants to break Vivaan and Meera’s marriage.


Zoya plans to surprise Aditya on his birthday to fulfill Pooja’s last wish. She plans a surprise birthday celebrations for Aditya, just like the one which Pooja would have planned. She also fixes Pooja’s picture, which angers Aditya. Zoya awaits Aditya. Aditya doesn’t trust Pooja. He doesn’t care for Pooja’s wishes and dreams. He gets a shock when he sees Zoya’s surprise. Zoya wishes him on his birthday. She gets a cake for him, hoping it can bring a smile on his face. Aditya gets teary eyed. He scolds her for turning his wounds fresh. He promises to ruin Zoya by punishing her for her mistake.


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