Kumkum Bhagya: Pragya to prove Simonika guilty

High drama in Kumkum Bhagya and Kundali Bhagya

Pragya brings Simonika to court to prove Abhi’s innocence in the court. Simonika has made a master plan by killing her duplicate and trapping Abhi for her own murder. When she is brought to court, Simonika gives statement that she is alive, but later changes her statement once she gets Abhi’s property and house papers. Pragya catches her red handed talking to Prosecution Lawyer and accepting to giving him details last night. She confronts Simonika for trapping Abhi for her fake death.

Simonika laughs on her helplessness and tells that she lost her property and also her husband. She thanks her for making her rich. Prosecution lawyer later proves in court that she is Avantika as per Simonika’s plan. Pragya and Purab execute their back up plan and calls Finger Prints and Hand Writing Experts to court.

Simonika gets caught after her finger prints and hand writing matches. On further provocation, she accepts to be Simonika and tries to kill Pragya by suffocating her neck. Purab and others try to save Pragya. Abhi looks shocked seeing his Pragya’s life in danger. Simonika wants her revenge to get fulfilled. She doesn’t want to spare Abhi and Pragya. Pragya attempts to prove Abhi innocent in the court and provide enough evidences for the same. There is some relieve for Pragya and Abhi’s love story for now as Abhi gets released from the accusations because of Pragya and Purab’s efforts. The show is taking a leap soon.


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