Laado 2: Anushka to hunt for Juhi

Anushka Shaurya engaged Tellyreviews

Anushka is with Shagun and her family since they rescued her oblivious to their real intentions for letting her stay in their house as Juhi. She comes to know from Dadi that Shagun is her step mom. Anushka doubts fishy as Shagun haven’t told her that Juhi was her step daughter. When Shagun asks her to sign on the paper, Anushka breaks the glass to injure her hand on the pretext of drinking water. She wanted to safeguard’s Juhi’s property until she returns back home. Anushka and Shaurya are coming home. Anushka thinks she can only believe on Shaurya blindly and don’t trust Shagun and Amrish. Shaurya is falling in love with Anushka believing her to be Juhi.

Destiny takes a turn and sends Juhi to Malhari’s house. Malhari got married to Sadhu Baba Inder. Juhi is adopted daughter of Inder. When Juhi reaches Malhari’s house, the latter welcomes her and gives her Anushka’s room.

Juhi feels safe in Anushka’s room and hopes someone will come and rescue her from Inder’s clutches. Inder eyes Juhi’s with bad intention which makes her uncomfortable and scared. Later in the night, Inder comes to Juhi’s room while she is sitting scared. Juhi’s troubled life is shown as she is tortured by Inder.

Dadi asks Anushka to take Chadawa and Money for the woman Amma who had taken care of Juhi. Anushka decides to go to temple and meet Amma and know about Juhi. She thinks about her Dadi Amma ji. Juhi and Anushka are staying in each other lives because of fate. Anushka will be living with Juhi.


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