Udaan: Imli vows to reinstate bonded labor


Suraj is supporting Karan in the new project. He suspects Karan for his big interest in Aazaadgunj. He tells Chakor that they have to be careful, as they got cheated by their loved ones before. He doesn’t want anyone to take advantage of their goodness and simplicity. Suraj wants to spy on Karan and know if Karan is really a gem as he appears. Karan meets Imli and learns her evil intentions. He tells Imli that they have a common enemy, Chakor. He too wants to ruin Chakor. Karan joins hands with Imli.

Imli wants to turn Saanvi into a bandhua. She vows to get bandhuagiri back in Aazaadgunj. Karan tells her that he has won everyone’s trust and now he will ease out her plans. Suraj stays worried about Karan. Tejaswini pacifies his fears. She asks Suraj and Chakor not to worry about Imli or Karan, as none can harm them now. Tejaswini brings positivity in them. She tells Suraj that Chakor also needs to calm her fears, else Saanvi will grow in an over protective environment. Imli and Karan target Saanvi, to break down Suraj and Chakor.


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