Kaleerein: Vivaan to protect Meera from Roma’s tactics

Kaleerein: Meera and Vivaan to get remarried

Roma and Meera get a big shock meeting each other. They recollect their argument on the road. Roma welcomes Meera by doing the Grah pravesh rituals. Meera gets a strange welcome. Roma keeps Meera’s Mu-dikhai as well. Vivaan lifts the ghunghat and keeps a mirror in front of Meera. Roma expresses her annoyance. Dolly corrects the rituals. Roma dislikes Meera. Roma covers Meera with a chunri and also lights it with fire to hurt Meera.

Roma’s tashan continues. Meera observes Roma and doesn’t care. Vivaan saves Meera from fire. He handles the situations. He tears the burnt chunri and completes the rasam. He doesn’t let Meera get blamed for any bad omen. Vivaan doesn’t love Meera, but just supports her for the sake of humanity. Meera wants to apologize to Roma and explain that she didn’t do any wrong, and just took a stand for the right. Roma does a drama. Meera understands Roma’s drama. Roma will be troubling Meera. Roma’s evil plotting will bring Vivaan closer to Meera.


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