Shakti: Harman to leave the altar to find his true love

Shakti: A new beginning for Harman and Soumya

Soumya does Harman and Jasleen’s Ghatbandhan. She proceeds their marriage arrangements and cries. Harman and Jasleen exchange the varmala. They sit for the rituals. Soumya sees them in the mandap and fulfills her duty. She packs her stuff and makes a leave from there. Harman decides to marry Jasleen by his wish. Soumya wants to do what gives him happiness. She just does her duty towards her husband. Jasleen is sure to give much happiness which Harman deserves. Jasleen also wishes that Harman realizes his true feelings. She is his childhood friend and wants the best for him. Soumya also believes in Jasleen. She is assured that Harman is marrying the right girl. She gets heartbroken seeing Harman and leaves for a new journey.

Preeto knows if the marriage completes, it will be a disaster. She knows her son very well and doesn’t want him to regret later. Harman takes rounds with Jasleen and sees Soumya leaving from there. Soumya sees her love getting away from her and makes her heart strong.

Harman had broken their relation and made Soumya out of her life by having sudden hatred for her. Even then, his love overpowers his hatred and annoyance. Soumya reaches the exit of the house. She makes a mind to never come back in Harman’s life. She wishes Harman always stays happy. Harman was her destination before, and she doesn’t know where will life take her now. Preeto gives Soumya’s letter to Harman before he completes the seventh round. Harman gets emotional reading the letter. He changes his mind and stops Jasleen from taking the round. He breaks the ghatbandhan and gets leaving to stop Soumya. Jasleen asks Harman where is he going. Harman doesn’t answer her and rushes out to reach Soumya. Harak tries to stop Harman. Preeto asks Harak not to meddle in Harman’s life now.

Soumya was thinking Harman and Jasleen should marry, as they are childhood friends. She understands Harman and Jasleen’s relation can be a complete one and they can have a beautiful life ahead. She keeps herself aside and just thinks about Harman’s welfare. Soumya being a kinner, can’t give Harman a family. She feels its right that Harman marries Jasleen. She doesn’t learn that Harman left from the marriage altar. Harman gets finding Soumya to apologize to her. Jasleen’s dreams doesn’t get fulfilled. Soumya’s love wins. Jasleen sheds tears and hugs her dad. She couldn’t marry Harman. Harak tries to stop Harman from leaving Jasleen in the mandap.

Soumya walks on the road with Harman’s memories. Harman looks for Soumya everywhere. Harman wants to apologize to Soumya. He requests Harak to move off his way and let him go. Preeto blesses Harman and says love has won over hatred. Preeto thanks Jasleen for being Harman’s best friend and making him realize his love. She praises Jasleen for supporting her in their plans. Jasleen tells Preeto that Harman loves Soumya and this had to happen some day, even if she married Harman. She accepts whatever happened with a big heart. She feels the right thing has happened, as Harman and Soumya should unite. Soumya reaches the bus station to leave the city. Harman will be finding Soumya.


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