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Reads Ishqbaaz Jiji Maa

Piyaa Albela: Naren plans a picnic with the family. He wants to end Pooja’s annoyance. The family leaves in a bus. They want to celebrate Naren and Pooja’s anniversary and bring them closer. Naren plans to revive their affected relation. She doesn’t know Bela is still following them. Harish falls sick after consuming a poisonous laddoo fed by a tantric. Naren and everyone hold him and take him to the bus. Harish gets puking. Pooja doubts on Bela. Bela plans this to cancel the picnic. Pooja is heartbroken.


Roma and Meera get a big shock meeting each other. They recollect their argument on the road. Roma welcomes Meera by doing the Grah pravesh rituals. Meera gets a strange welcome. Roma keeps Meera’s Mu-dikhai as well. Vivaan lifts the ghunghat and keeps a mirror in front of Meera. Roma expresses her annoyance. Dolly corrects the rituals. Roma dislikes Meera. Roma covers Meera with a chunri and also lights it with fire to hurt Meera.

Dil Se Dil Tak:

Parth and Teni have a hit and miss. Teni is happy in her new life with Iqbal. Parth and his daughter go shopping in the same mall. Teni meets her daughter, but doesn’t identify her. Teni fails to see Parth. Fate will bring them face to face again. The Bhanushali family celebrates Ipshita’s win in the hindi essay competition. Ipshita runs in the house and shows her trophy to everyone. Parth hugs her. She tells Parth that she has won the first prize.

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya:

Diya, Ratan and Yash reach the chemist shop to get evidence against Mohena. Mohena lies to the chemist and orders the drugs. Diya wants to catch Mohena red-handed. Mohena sees Diya reaching her. She tries to end all the evidences against her. They follow Mohena when she runs away with the prescription file. Diya catches Mohena and confronts her for plotting against the family. Mohena’s truth comes out. Mohena had plotted the theft. Diya wants to know the reason of Mohena’s hatred.


Roop gets confident when she finds Pinky and Shakti at her goon’s gun point. Shakti scolds Roop for stooping low. Roop doesn’t change her plans, but Veer brings a big change. Veer quits his plan to kill Anika. Roop wants Anika to be alive, so that she can go through the pain of separation from Shivay. Veer, who had pushed Anika to sink in the water tank and take her life, gets Anika out of the water tank and takes her back home. He puts her to rest. Anika gets conscious. She finds herself at home. She tries to call up Shivay to ask him to come home. She asks Shivay to meet her. Veer meets Roop and stops her from taking any wrong step.

Tu Aashiqui and Ishq Mein Marjawa Merger:
Ahaan and Pankti are unaware of the coming dangers. JD tracks Pankti in Saku’s village and prepares to meet Pankti. He plans to kidnap Pankti again. Deep and Aarohi are unaware of their dangerous intentions. They both try to outdo each other smartly. Their plans against each other continue.


Imli visits the haveli. She enters Suraj and Chakor’s room. She gets angry seeing Suraj and Chakor’s pictures on the wall. She recalls her past life and wonderful reign in the haveli and village. She expresses her hatred on the pictures. A servant asks her not to enter Suraj’s room and takes her out of the room. She isn’t happy seeing Suraj and Chakor’s happiness. She wants to make Saanvi a bandhua. She digs a pit in the fields and hides a bag inside. She plants there to leave a sign. She hides the ashram treasure savings there.


Susheel enters the wrestling ring to win the last competition. She gets into a match with Jessica, who never lost to anyone till now. Susheel was much eager to defeat Jessica. Susheel studies Jessica’s moves and defeats her. Leela’s plan to get Susheel injured in the match gets failed. Leela gets angered when Susheel gets praised. Sarthi gets big happiness with Susheel’s victory. The family gets happy that Susheel has made them proud. Susheel wants to end Dada ji’s annoyance. Mehul, Kali, Sejal and Vishu cheer for Susheel’s win. Susheel has not just won the competition, but also made everyone proud. Satya feels proud of Susheel.


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