Udaan: Karan to divide and rule over SuKor


Imli visits the haveli. She enters Suraj and Chakor’s room. She gets angry seeing Suraj and Chakor’s pictures on the wall. She recalls her past life and wonderful reign in the haveli and village. She expresses her hatred on the pictures. A servant asks her not to enter Suraj’s room and takes her out of the room. She isn’t happy seeing Suraj and Chakor’s happiness. She wants to make Saanvi a bandhua. She digs a pit in the fields and hides a bag inside. She plants there to leave a sign. She hides the ashram treasure savings there.

Imli doesn’t want to lose the money, as she will be using the funds against Chakor. Karan finds it digging the pit and questions her. Karan and Imli have a first interaction and get into an argument. Imli refuses to give her introduction. She doesn’t reveal her motives to him, knowing he is working with Suraj. She doesn’t believe Karan. Karan also has evil intentions, which will be known to Imli soon.

Meanwhile, Suraj makes a project and shows to Chakor. She doesn’t like the bridge project and asks him not to use the agricultural land route for the bridge project. She gets upset with him. She asks him not to ruin the farmers’ happiness. Suraj was excited about his project and didn’t imagine her angry reaction. He tells her that he will change the bridge route for the project and assure that no one incurs a loss because of him. He apologizes to her, that he didn’t think well about farming land before. Suraj and Chakor have a moment. Karan will be using the divide and rule policy to control Suraj and Chakor.


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