Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Suhana’s plan against Naira backfires

Suhana plan against Naira, YRKKH

Suhana plots Naira’s wardrobe malfunction. Naira doesn’t realize it, but it gets seen by Kartik, who runs to his lady love to save her dignity. He doesn’t reveal anything to Naira and covers her up. He asks Naira to dance with him. They have a romantic performance that completes Aryan’s Sangeet. Kartik handles the situation. Aryan compliments Suhana’s dance. Dadi praises Naira and asks Suhana to learn things from Naira. She tells Suhana that Naira will groom her well. Naira asks Suhana to have a clean heart. They announce Naira as the winner. Naira finds Suhana’s cheap tactics and reprimands her. She understands Suhana is much evil.

Savita informs Suhana that Naira has changed the jewelry. She says Naira has learnt about their real identities and she has placed fake jewelry to fool them. Suhana tells Savita and Rahul that she will bring Naira in bad light in front of the family, and now even Kartik can’t save her. Kartik and Naira wait for the reporter to come and provide evidence against Suhana. The family gets the jewelry for the rasam. Suhana asks Savita to get locked up again so that they can blame Naira.

Savita accuses Naira for locking her in the storeroom. The family gets disappointed with Naira. Savita tells them that Naira has hurt her. She tells Suwarna that Naira has got the real jewelry replaced with fake ones. Kartik and Naksh try to defend Naira. Manish and Dadi show their belief in Naira. Savita tries to prove that the jewelry placed is fake. Suhana knows that Naira will be targeted by the family. Savita and Rahul try to prove the jewelry’s fakeness. Their plan fails when they find real jewelry in the boxes. Kartik and Naira changed their plan to fool Suhana. Suhana gets trapped as Naira blames her for hurting her image in between the families. Suhana worries and asks Savita to do something. Savita fails to proof anything. Naira tells the family that she is innocent, but she will forgive Savita, as she is elder. She shows a big heart and wins a praise by the family. She tells Suhana that she will pay for her crimes soon. Kartik and Naira meet the reporter and get more evidences against Suhana.


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