Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya: Diya to get blamed for treasure loss

Diya treasure loss Tellyreviews

Ratan and Diya manages to steal Royal treasure of Kesar Mahal. As per Diya’s plan, she decides to take treasure to Rampur, but Yash offers to take treasure there. Mohena spikes Yash’s water when he is taking treasure to Rampur. Yash goes to Rampur and buries the treasure. Mohena reaches there and steals the treasure when Yash falls unconscious after drinking spiked water. Diya and Ratan reach there with Police, but find the treasure stolen in reality. They get tensed and worry for Choti Thakurain’s reaction.

Mohena wants to end Diya–Ratan’s friendship with Yash and wants them to doubt on Yash so that their friendship takes an ugly turn and ends. She wants to take revenge on Diya and Ratan. Choti Thakurain blames Diya for losing the treasure because of her theft plan to get family reputation and respect back. She tells them that they have become bankrupt in real terms now. Diya determines to get the treasure and family’s respect back.


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