Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ishita unveils the ugly truth behind Sonakshi’s revenge

Raman asks the NGO women to stop the protest

Someone panics Ishita by informing her about Raman’s accident. Ishita leaves from home to find Raman. Raman and Ruhi come home and learn about Ishita going somewhere. They get the address noted by Ishita in the diary. Ishita reaches the place to find Raman. She gets chased by Sonakshi’s spirit. She doesn’t understand who is playing with her life. Ishita acts smart to capture the person acting as Sonakshi’s spirit. She gets face to face with the spirit. Sonakshi reveals her hatred towards Ishita. Ishita wants to know the reason behind the enmity. She tells Sonakshi that she doesn’t believe in spirits and knows that its all her game. She ties up Sonakshi and asks her to speak out her intentions. She tells Sonakshi that she can’t win by using her fears. She doesn’t want anyone to hurt her family.

She reprimands Sonakshi for ruining the family’s peace and happiness. She asks Sonakshi why did she cheat. She decides to expose Sonakshi. Sonakshi asks Ishita to leave her. Ishita asks Sonakshi to reveal who all are involved with her.

Ishita connects the dots to know the matter. She asks Sonakshi what does she want. Raman and Ruhi find Ishita in danger and try to find her. Raman gets worried that Ishita’s life maybe in deep trouble. Sonakshi tells Ishita that she isn’t Sonakshi, her real name is Arushi, who is Sonakshi’s twin sister.

She tells Ishita about Sonakshi’s suicide in London. She wants to take justice for her sister. Ishita asks Arushi how is she connected with Sonakshi’s suicide. Arushi tells her that Sonakshi was exploited by some rich people. Ishita sympathizes with her. Raman and Ruhi reach the place. Ishita learns Sonakshi’s connection with Raman. Arushi accuses Raman for harassing Sonakshi and driving her to the core that she ended her life. Ishita scolds Arushi and asks her to stop nonsense. She can’t hear a word against Raman. Arushi tells Ishita that she has evidence against Raman.

Ishita asks Arushi not to blame Raman, who is like a saint. Arushi asks her to confront Raman about the truth. Raman and Ruhi reach Ishita. Ishita shows her belief in Raman. She assures Arushi that she will find the matter’s truth. She sends away Arushi and meets Raman. She tells Raman that she is fine. She gets disturbed thinking about the blames on Raman. Raman asks Ishita to reveal the truth about the blackmailer. Ishita doesn’t tell him anything. She asks him to think if he has done any mistake in the past that some spirit chases them. Raman admits of doing a mistake. He tells her that its his mistake to love her immensely. Ishita knows he can’t do anything wrong. Raman tells her that he can’t live without her. Ishita tries to know about their businesses abroad, and the people who are running the companies on Raman’s behalf. Will Ishita find out Sonakshi’s real culprit? Keep reading.


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