Ikyawann: Susheel goes missing post her epic win


Susheel wins the gold medal after defeating Jessica in the final round. She meets Dada ji and gives him the gold medal. She has an emotional conversation with Dada ji. She wants Dada ji to take back his words and accept her with pride. Susheel goes missing. Satya and entire family get worried for Susheel. Kali thinks Susheel has gone to the temple to thank Lord for her victory. She asks Mehul not to worry for Susheel, she would be fine, after all none can harm her, Susheel has failed the killer machine as well.

Fighter Didi/Sarthi tells everyone that Susheel isn’t so careless that she makes the family worry for her. She tells them that maybe someone conspired against Susheel. She isn’t sure that Leela is behind the plotting. She knows Leela hates Susheel and wants to kill her. She suspects Leela and Soumya. Satya looks for Susheel everywhere.


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