Ishq SubhanAllah: Shiraaz to forcibly marry Zara

Zara disappoint Kabeer

Shiraaz wants to marry Zara. He compels her to accept his love. Shiraa orders the women to make Zara ready for the marriage. Shiraaz has caught up Kabeer. He wants Kabeer to see the marriage happening. Shiraaz is in love with Zara. Kabeer is held back by the goons. Shiraaz gets ready as the groom. He awaits her. He gets mesmerized seeing Zara in the bridal look. When the Qazi asks Zara about her will for the marriage, she refuses. She scolds Qazi and Shiraaz. She asks Qazi how can he ask a married woman if she is willing to marry someone else. She threatens him and asks him to be afraid of Lord.

Qazi refuses to fulfill the Nikaah rituals and asks Shiraaz to sort the matter. Shiraaz then gets Kabeer there and asks him to sign the divorce papers, so that Zara can get single again.

Kabeer doesn’t want to sign the papers. He has hope that everything will get fine. He can’t let anyone forcibly marry Zara. Kabeer fights with the goons. He shows courage to get Zara. Shiraaz is overconfident as he rules in his place. Kabeer asks Shiraaz for some time to divorce Zara, so that he can accept the changes in his life. He acts clever to buy some time. Shiraaz can go to any extent to win Zara.


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