Ishqbaaz: Roop to test Anika’s trust on Shivay

Ishqbaaz Shivika Caring pose,

Anika awaits Shivay at home. Roop meets her at home. Anika tells her that she didn’t tell her truth to the family. She scolds Roop for sending her son to kill her. Roop tells her that she has ordered her son to spare her life. She tells Anika that she has two secrets to reveal to her. Omkara and Rudra meet Shivay and like the fact that he is fine. Shivay tells them that he can’t tell anything to Anika, till he finds proof for her dad’s innocence. He has a big duty to prove Anika’s dad and his own family innocent. Roop tells Anika that Shivay is hiding a big truth about her dad, who was a foreman in the mills, who was accused by the Oberois for setting the mills on fire. She tells Anika that Shivay knew everything, but he has lied to her. She moves Anika off her feet by revealing the truth, that Oberois have set the mills on fire and killed Mr. Kapoor to accuse her dad.

Anika doesn’t believe anything against Shivay, as she has promised Shivay that she won’t believe anyone till she hears the truth from her. Roop tries to provoke her against Shivay and family by showing the manipulated pictures against the Oberois. She tells Anika that Shivay had done a deal with her to save his family. She reveals that Shivay is going to remarry, as she has done a deal with him to keep Oberois’ reputation. She tells Anika that Shivay chose his family and their pride over Anika’s dad’s innocence. She tells her that Shivay can do anything for his family, he is marrying someone and will soon leave her. Anika recollects Shivay’s words. She asks Roop to try something better next time. She applauds Roop for making a good plan to instigate her against her husband.

She tells Roop that she will just believe Shivay. Roop asks her won’t she believe the evidences. Anika doesn’t want to believe Roop at all and shows her the exit. Shivay decides to get the evidence against Roop, so that he can help Anika and his family. Roop asks Anika to see the true face of Shivay by coming along to see his remarriage. Anika asks Roop not to work hard, as she won’t succeed. Roop asks her to test her belief. Anika asks her to answer everything in front of Shivay if she fails to prove anything. Shivay asks Omkara and Rudra to make a plan to get away with the evidence.

Omkara asks Shivay not to marry anyone, as he is already wedding to Anika. Shivay gets an idea to fail Roop’s plan. Shivay tells Omkara and Rudra that he will do a fake marriage to fail Roop’s plans. Rudra turns happy hearing the plan. He reveals the plan to Tej and Jhanvi. He asks Tej to arrange a fake pandit. Omkara and Rudra take help from Tej as he is on the way to Roop’s bungalow. Roop gets Anika home and reveals the marriage preparations happening. She asks Anika to better believe her eyes. Anika is sure that Shivay won’t remarry. Roop tells her that Shivay is remarrying to get the evidence to prove his family innocent. She asks Anika to just everything and enjoy.

Omkara and Rudra try out to know Roop’s plans. Rudra tries to arrange a fake pandit. Pinky gets worried for Shivay. Omkara reaches her and assures that Shivay is fine and his remarriage won’t happen. Veer meets Roop, which angers her. She asks him not to trouble him. She doesn’t want him to get angry, as Anika can’t be killed. Veer vents out anger. Roop scolds him for always failing to ruin Shivika. She asks him to hide from Shivay. Veer pledges to take revenge. Roop shocks Shivay by revealing about the girl chosen by her.


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