Piyaa Albela: Bela lays an illusion trap for Naren


Pooja and Naren celebrate their anniversary. Bela joins hands with Aghoris and lays a deadly trap for Naren, till the family celebrates the anniversary. The men behave weird and start hurting the women. The celebrations stop by the chaos. The women don’t understand what’s happening. Bela has drugged the men into ruining Naren’s happiness. The men then get back to senses and realize that they did wrong. Later, Bela captures Naren in her plans by using an evil woman, who takes Pooja’s disguise. She gets Naren to some shady place. She laughs and tells him that she won’t leave him alive. She gets torturing Naren.

Naren falls in Aghoris’s illusion. Naren doesn’t know why Pooja is doing this. Bela takes the help of Aghoris and she gets hurting Naren. She pours hot oil over his body and then makes a painful tattoo over him.

Aghoris catch Naren and chain him up. He sees Pooja in front of him, but can’t believe her words. She says you will be one of us now, this tattoo is a sign that will be with you forever. He is helpless. He can’t understand anything. His ability to think ends. He becomes a part of the new cheat plotted by Bela. He doesn’t get any way to leave from the cave. Naren doesn’t know this is true or not, why will Pooja do this, what’s happening with her. Bela wants Praveen’s heart back from Naren. Pooja will reach the cave and save Naren.


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