Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ishita to connect the dots to solve Sonakshi’s death mystery


Ishita tries to know the missing link. She finds out how Raman is connected to Sonakshi’s matter. She wants to know if Arushi was saying truth. She seeks help from Romi to know about the overseas business. Romi tells her that Simmi and Parmeet had gone London some years back. She is sure that Raman doesn’t know about Simmi and Parmeet’s new businesses. Shravan throws a party for his friends. He gets worried when the gift card doesn’t work. He gets insulted by the hotel staff. His friends also mock him for throwing a party when he has no funds. Shravan pays the mill by giving a gold chain away. Ishita suspects Parmeet to be behind the bad conspiracy. She confronts him for ruining Sonakshi’s life by running the illegal work behind Raman’s name.

Parmeet accepts his crimes and then blackmails her to better think about Pihu’s future, if she wants everything to stay fine. He conceals his crimes by blackmailing her. He asks Ishita to let things go as it is. Ruhi asks Parmeet about the truth by which he is threatening Ishita. Ishita tries to calm down Ruhi. Ruhi asks Ishita not to get scared of Parmeet. Ruhi warns Simmi and Parmeet. She wants to expose them in front of the family. Parmeet pressurizes Ishita. Ishita scolds Simmi for illegally recruiting people in London and ruining people’s lives. Simmi denies the blames. Ruhi tells Ishita that she has something to tell her. Shravan tries to meet Parmeet and know about the gift card. Mrs. Iyer finds Shravan’s gold chain missing and asks him if he has lost Vandu’s last gift. Shravan lies to her that he has kept the chain safely.

Ruhi tells Ishita about Simmi and Parmeet’s control over Raman’s business. She tells that Raman has managed the business all alone and got busy. She asks Ishita how is Parmeet blackmailing her, what’s the truth. Ishita doesn’t feel like revealing the truth. Ruhi assures that they all are always with her. Shravan lies to Raman to borrow some money. Raman helps Shravan by believing his lies. Ishita doesn’t know who is after Sonakshi’s death.

She has immense faith in Raman. She thinks if she can ask Raman again and know if he remembers about recruiting Sonakshi. He tells her that he wants a break from his work. Ishita too wants to have another break with him, like he wants. Adi worries that Aaliya didn’t turn up home. He calls Aaliya to know about her. She comes home late and gets glad to share his achievements. She shows the presentation made by Neha. Adi gets upset with her. He asks her why did she go against him and his decisions. He gets angered that she is lowering his reputation further. He asks her to stop interfering in his work. Raman tells Ishita that he had made a list of recruits. Ishita doesn’t find Sonakshi’s name in the lost. She wonders if someone is deliberately changing the information. Raman tells her that he doesn’t forget anyone’s name, the list is complete. He tells her that he is very much sure of his work. Adi thanks Roshni for all her help. Aaliya finds out that Adi is with Roshni.


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