Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: KaiRa to shut Suhana’s chapter

Yeh Rishta: Celebrations plus Challenges for Kartik-Naira

Suhana, Rahul and Savita implement their plan to make everyone fall unconscious. Kartik and Naira also get prepared. They install the hidden cameras to keep an eye on Suhana. Kartik wants them to do any mistake so that they can catch Suhana red-handed. Suhana tells Rahul that she has added the medicine in the tika, which will faint them soon. She makes Naira do the tika to the family members. Soon, everyone gets unconscious as per Suhana’s plan. Rahul rejoices as they have fooled the Goenkas. Suhana tells Rahul that they had to spike the sindoor tika so that she can tackle them. She scolds Naira for troubling her so much.

Suhana and Rahul try to rob the house as soon as possible. Suhana robs the gold idol as well. Lav and Kush who didn’t get the tika applied get saved. They find the family members sleeping in the hall and get worried. They find it weird and start waking up everyone.

Suhana goes to get the locker keys. She finds Naira coming to senses and reveals her planning. She admits everything to Naira and reprimands her. She tells Naira that Aryan won’t be able to manage the heartbreak. She doesn’t care for anyone.

Savita gets happy that they are easily sweeping everything from Goenka house. Suhana laughs on the Goenkas. She mocks them finding them unconscious. Suhana, Rahul and Savita get a huge shock when the family members get conscious and hear everything from Suhana herself. Naira slaps Suhana angrily. She reprimands her for breaking Aryan’s heart. Kartik and Naksh stop Rahul from making any move. They tie up the evil trio. Suwarna feels bad for Aryan. Aryan gets ashamed to fall for a girl like Suhana. He feels upset by her deceive. Naira reveals to Suhana how Lav and Kush helped her regain consciousness. She scolds Suhana for using tika rasam to faint them down. The family gets Suhana arrested and gets freed from her evil. The next track will be focussing on Naira and her stalker Kabeer.


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