Ishq SubhanAllah: Shiraaz to get tricked by Kabeer

Zara disappoint Kabeer

Shiraaz orders Kabeer to sign the divorce papers. Kabeer buys some time from Shiraaz cleverly. He then realizes Shiraaz’s madness for Zara. He gets a gun from the goon and points at Zara. He tells Shiraaz that he will kill Zara, if she can’t love him, if she cheated him, he will not spare her life. He asks Shiraaz to get back if he wants Zara alive. He scolds Zara and tells her that its her fault that she has chosen Shiraaz for her, how could she share their differences with Shiraaz. He then signals Zara about his drama to save her. Zara then understands that Kabeer is saying bitter words to fool Shiraaz.

Kabeer tells Shiraaz that he will shoot Zara. He tries to take Zara away with him. He asks the goons to back off. Shiraaz gets Kabeer caught up again. Kabeer and Zara try to save each other.

Kabeer gets much beaten up in front of Zara. She begs Shiraaz to leave Kabeer. She gets free from the goons and runs to rescue Kabeer. They hug and shed tears. Zara asks Kabeer to give her divorce, else Shiraaz will kill him. Shiraaz shoots at Kabeer, while the latter gets saved. Shiraaz gets shot and arrested by police, when Kabeer’s dad reaches there on time to rescue his children.


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