Udaan: Suraj’s life to fall in fatal danger


Suraj starts the new project of the bridge in Aazaadgunj. Suraj helps the workers and shows how rooted he is. He lends help in the bridge construction. There happens a major accident, when the under construction bridge breaks down all of a sudden. The bridge slab falls over the workers. Many people get injured and some lose their lives as well. They get trapped under the boulders and debris. The saddening news spreads like fire. Chagan gets to see the bad sight. He runs to inform Chakor.

Chakor tells Chagan that Suraj and Bhuvan are also at the site. Chagan tells her that he didn’t find Suraj or Bhuvan at the site. Chakor leaves Saanvi with Tejaswini and assures her to find Suraj. She reaches the construction site to find Suraj and Bhuvan. She doesn’t see them and start panicking. All the villagers have a chaos. They want to know how did the bridge topple down, whose fault was it, the engineers or the raw material chosen by Suraj.

Imli joins hands with Karan to trouble Chakor and Suraj. Imli meets Karan and tells him that she could have killed Chakor anytime she wanted and she could kill him too. She tells him that he doesn’t know her, that she has killed many people till now, he should be aware of the dangers. She shows her courage to him. He finds her equally mad like him. She does a deal with him. He tells her that he will have a deal with him, but major share will be of him. She tells him that she doesn’t want any money, she just wants Saanvi, whom she wants to make her bandhua. She asks him to help her get Saanvi. Karan’s truth will be coming out in front of Chakor very soon. Karan will be asking Chakor to give away Saanvi if she wants Suraj out of the big problems. Imli wants Chakor to shatter after losing Saanvi. How will Chakor face her new enemies? Keep reading.


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