Kaleerein: A bitter truth to drift Vivaan and Meera apart

Kaleerein: Meera and Vivaan to get remarried

Roma calls goons to throw out Meera from the house. She captures Meera’s family as well. She wants Meera out of her sight right away. Vivaan comes to Meera’s rescue. Vivaan stops Meera and supports her. He fights with the goon. He asks the goon not dare to touch his wife. Meera is also brave. She can handle her life and Roma too. Meera wants to save her relation with Vivaan. Roma is sure that Vivaan will not keep the marriage. She wants Vivaan to divorce Meera and leave the pind to return to London along with her.

Meera makes a thank you card for Vivaan. Her sister teases her by Vivaan’s name. Meera always supports Vivaan. They don’t have any clue that their support can be developing into love. Roma breaks a truth to Vivaan, which results in something worse. Vivaan and Meera have an argument. He asks her to admit her lies.

Vivaan asks Meera why did she play with his emotions by telling him that his mum is alive. Meera asks him to believe her, she didn’t lie. Roma makes them fight. Roma tells Vivaan that his real mum is actually no more. Vivaan is angry that Meera lied to him to stop him in the pind. Vivaan starts yelling on Meera when he senses her plotting to marry him. Roma puts Meera in bad light. Roma claps for Meera’s dramatic performance to marry Vivaan. Roma tells Vivaan that Meera is a gold digger, she is just using his love for his mum to get into his life forever. Meera’s dad suffers from a heart attack. Vivaan offers help to rush him to hospital. Meera refuses to take his help. Meera and her family take her dad to the hospital. Roma wants to create more misunderstandings between them so that she breaks their relation with another hit.


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