High Five Spoilers


Woh Apna Sa:
Rano plays a new trick and makes Jia fall sick. She drugs Jia cleverly by blaming her for drugging Akash. Rano replaces the glucose powder by drugs. Jia had to drink the juice to prove Rano wrong. She didn’t know its actually drugs. Akash gives medicines to Jia. He tries to lower the effect of drugs. Jia holds his hand and assumes him to be Arjun. She expresses love for Arjun. Akash finds her very much vulnerable. He wishes Arjun understands her love.

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji:
Meera has gone out of Uma’s life. Uma and Kanak get married. They have a romantic moment. Kanak sings for Uma and calls him an oldie. Uma shows his romantic side. She turns naughty. Aditya plans a surprise for Uma and Kanak. Aditya wishes them a happy married life. Kanak asks Aditya what is he doing in the gift box. Aditya tells them that he wanted to surprise them. He apologizes to them for his mistakes. He says I know its hard for you to forgive me, you can’t trust me, but I have no one in my life. Uma forgives Aditya.


Soumya reaches Ludhiana. Harman tries to find Soumya everywhere. He reaches the same toy shop where Soumya tried to get a job. Harman is restless to meet her once. He just wants to apologize to Soumya for hurting her heart. Harman and Jasleen reach Ludhiana knowing about the bus Soumya caught up to leave from their pind. Jasleen is keeping a friend’s duty. She supports Harman in his search. Harman meets Soumya. Sameer tells him that he can get any sort of toy, he can gift anyone, all the toys available are really appealing.

Dil Se Dil Tak:
Parth reaches the minister’s house. He gets a good welcome. Teni also arrives there and gives her wedding invitation card to the minister. Some naxals attack the place. Minister’s guards try to safeguard him. Parth meets Teni. Parth expresses his feelings to Teni. He can’t believe Teni is in front of him. Destiny brings them together. Parth protects Teni. He asks her to come with him. Teni refuses to know him. Parth lifts her and runs away from there. Parth cares for her. Teni doesn’t remember their love journey. She scolds him.


Satya and Kali get stressed when they don’t find Susheel. Satya doubts on Leela and Soumya. He tells Kali that he will play a drama to put pressure on Leela. Satya plots a suicide drama, but for someone else. He wants to repent for his mistakes to hurt Susheel’s heart. He regrets for abandoning Susheel and breaking their relations before. He feels Lord is punishing him for his mistakes. He realizes Leela has done many crimes in the past. He wants Leela to admit all the crimes herself, so that he can get her punished. He wants to secure Susheel’s life. He fears that something wrong happened with Susheel.

Saam Daam Dand Bhed:

Vijay and Bulbul find injured Mandira in the hospital. Bulbul fears thinking of the conditions Mandira kept in front of her when they had to rescue Vijay. Bulbul’s peace ends. Mandira wants Vijay back in her life. Bulbul was also preparing to start a new life with Vijay. Vijay asks Mandira how did she get injured, what happened to her. He finds Mandira in a critical state. Mandira gives her statement to police. Bulbul knows Mandira is planning something. Mandira reminds the promise to Bulbul. Bulbul gets in tension, as she has to end her ties with Vijay. Mandira wants Bulbul to fulfill their deal.


Suraj is stuck in a big mess. Suraj is accused for the bridge disaster. Chakor and Suraj face a bad time. A storm strikes Aazaadgunj and SuKor’s lives. Chakor tries hard to explain the police that Suraj isn’t responsible for the accident. Inspector tells her that Suraj is the project manager, he had to check the raw material and stability planning well, he is the in-charge and was responsible for everyone’s lives. He apologizes to Chakor and shows the arrest warrant. Chakor doesn’t want to believe anything. She tells inspector that Suraj has worked hard day and night, he can give his life for the villagers, he can never think of doing this.


Neil and Avni’s love moments will be seen. Things seem find between them. Neil gifts a lovely picture frame to Avni. He asks Avni to fix their romantic picture in it. Avni says I have other plans to use this frame. Neil imagines Avni sharing her good news with him. They talk about their future. Avni tells him that she will love their baby more than him. She tells him that she will fix their pic with their baby, and always adore. He asks her not to feel sad, as he will also love their baby more. The past moments of their baby’s planning and happiness brings tears in Neil’s eyes.

Nimki Mukhiya:

Nimki falls in trouble when the people get angry on the Mukhiya. The people ask Nimki to give them an answer. She becomes the target of angry crowd when the poisonous medicines have sickened the villagers. Nahar Singh gets a chance to turn the tables against Nimki. Nahar instigates the people against Tetar Singh and his bahu Nimki. The people protest and get angry on Nimki. They start hurting Nimki. Abhimanyu tries to save her. Babbu makes a heroic entry. He fires in the air and stops everyone. He saves Nimki. He gets angry on Nahar Singh. He warns him to leave with his goons, else he won’t survive to get justice for anyone.

Jiji Maa:

Suyash has thrown out Falguni from Rawat mansion. Falguni returns to her Maayka. She gets Niyati’s support. Niyati believes Falguni. Falguni reveals Uttara’s truth to Niyati and Zeenat. They think to do something to expose Uttara’s evil face to the family. Falguni had given the DNA reports to Zeenat before leaving for Goa. She wanted Uttara to accept her crimes and get punished. Falguni finds the reports changed and gets a shock. She understands Uttara has changed the reports. Uttara tells Shom that she can’t let Falguni prove her innocence. She wants Suyash to hate Falguni. She is sure that Suyash won’t get Falguni back home. Falguni wanted to prove her innocence by showing the reports to Suyash. Suyash doesn’t think for Falguni, even though he regrets. He is heartbroken thinking Falguni did wrong with Uttara.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:
Raman is accused for human trafficking. Arushi accuses Raman. Ishita tells Raman that the proof is against him. Raman yells on Ruhi. There happens a big argument at home. Arushi tells Ishita and Ruhi that Raman has ruined Sonakshi’s life and persuaded her to commit suicide. Ishita learns such things about Raman that she gets big shocks. She wants to prove Raman innocent. She gets keen to know who is the mastermind behind this. She realizes someone from the family has done this. Ruhi and Raman get into a heated argument. Raman lands in police station. Things get tough for Ishita. She wants to know who is misusing Raman’s name. Someone from Iyer house will be proved guilty. Ishita suspects Kiran and Bala.


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