Aapke Aa Jane Se: Sahil to surprise Vedika


Vedika and Sahil have a filmi romance. They perform on a romantic dance. Vedika is closer to him in his dreamy romance. Sahil wishes Vedika accepts her. Sahil encourages Arya for her dance performance. Aryan dances to convince Vedika. She shows sorry and love you cards for Vedika. Arya’s cute dance wins Vedika’s heart. Sahil helps Arya realize her mistake and rectify it. Vedika is grateful that Sahil handled Arya well. Vedika forgives Arya and Sahil for lying to her. Sahil’s surprise melts down Vedika’s anger.

Later, Vedika gets a new job. Sahil learns the news. He gets a rose and bread cake for Vedika. He congratulates her for the new job. He expresses his feelings to her. Vedika doesn’t like it. Sahil then gives the rose to Vedika’s mum. He makes Vedika cut the bread cake and celebrate. Vedika gets gifts for everyone by the advance she got. She wants to solve all problems with her new job. Sahil cheers up Vedika.


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