Kaleerein: Roma to brainwash Vivaan against Meera

Kaleerein: Vivaan-Meera succeed to defeat psychotic Sunny

Roma influences Vivaan to get separated from Meera, who is really unfit to become his wife. Vivaan asks Meera to leave from his room. She tells him that its her room also. She wants to sleep on the bed. Meera and Vivaan have a fight for the bed. She doesn’t get scared of him. She goes to sleep. Vivaan is angry on her. He felt Meera is a nice girl, but Roma has brainwashed him against Meera. He misunderstands Meera. He wants divorce. Meera refuses to give him divorce. Roma tells Meera that she also has a heart and she is thinking for everyone’s betterment. Roma gets taunting Meera for trapping Vivaan.

Roma tells Vivaan that Meera is eyeing his property and that’s the reason she married him. Roma wants his entire property. She is safely playing up. Roma is Vivaan’s step mom, who married his dad for his richness.

Roma is dividing Vivaan, Meera and Amaya to get everything in her hands. Roma knows Meera can win Vivaan’s heart by her charming nature and get his property. She doesn’t want this to happen. Roma expresses her dislike for Meera. Roma insults Meera. She raises a question on Meera’s parents and their upbringing. She says your parents are found Vivaan a better and rich groom than Sumer, that’s why they planned this. Meera gets angered. She asks Roma not to accuse her parents. Vivaan gets believing Roma. Meera decides to find Vivaan’s real mom and prove her truth.


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