Kumkum Bhagya: Abhi and Pragya’s dreamy romance next


Dadi’s sister makes Abhi realize his true feelings for Pragya and reminds him of his compromised marriage with Tanu. She asks him to do reality check for his feelings. However Abhi’s heart may love Pragya, but his mind hates her to the core. He determines not to see Pragya or let her come in his life again, blaming her for Dadi’s death. But, destiny had something else in store.

King signs a music contract deal with a music company and as per the contract, he has to do concert in many countries. Pragya tells King Singh about his contract. She refuses to visit Mumbai, along with him. He asks her if she doesn’t want to face the person who cheated her. He understands that Pragya is avoiding her lover there. He boosts her confidence by praising her. He tells her that she has been his manager and given a new life to his career. Pragya is ready to go anywhere with him, as he needs his manager. She refuses to accompany him to Mumbai, where Abhi lives.

King understands that Pragya is bothered by her past and don’t want to face her ex husband. He says that man was a loser to leave you. He says if you wouldn’t have been my manager, then my life wouldn’t have punch and it not have been good. He tells her that she is the best, and she should have believe in her as well.

He tells her that whoever has left her would be a big fool, for not understanding her worth. King Singh values her a lot. He is grateful to her for being in his life. Pragya gets much honor from King. Abhi and Pragya celebrate with their respective partners. Abhi imagines Pragya while dancing with Tanu in a party, while Pragya imagines him while performing with rockstar King Singh. Abhi and Pragya’s romantic moments and their yearning for each other will be witnessed once again, as part of the dream sequence.



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