Udaan: Karan to strike a deal with Chakor


Chakor regrets that Suraj is innocent and still getting punished. Karan also withdraws his support. Chakor asks Karan to arrange bail for Suraj. She tells Suraj that she is always with her and she won’t let his courage break down. He asks her to look after their family well. He feels guilty and doesn’t care if he has to stay inside the lockup for days. Chakor asks Suraj to believe himself, its not his mistake. She tells him that they should better find the real culprit. Chakor has no idea that Imli is alive and she is behind the bridge disaster. Karan and Imli join hands and turns strong to target Suraj and Chakor.

Chakor will be becoming a target of Karan’s evil plotting. She is given a choice to choose between Suraj or villagers. Karan asks her to decide and have a deal with her. He tries to convince her.

She tells him that its impossible for her to choose either of Suraj and the village. He understands her and asks her to think of Suraj, who could get a life sentence. He says you would be away from Suraj for 14 years, its long time, think about Suraj and his future. Chakor gets depressed. She doesn’t want Suraj to get punished. He tells her that he has spoken to his lawyers and found a way to save Suraj. He says Saanvi and you need Suraj, even the village needs Suraj, everything will finish without him, if you accept our offer and become the head of Unnati project, Suraj will get bailed, he will come back home. Karan tells her that he will take all the blame on his head only if she is convinced. Chakor doesn’t want to become a working mother. She is dedicated towards Saanvi.

She asks Karan to give her some time to decide. She wants to save Suraj anyhow. She tells Karan that she will inform him her decision soon. Karan asks her to take her time. Chakor then ponders over the matter and decides. Karan pays the lawyers to get Suraj bailed. Chakor has no idea about Karan’s motives. Suraj gets bailed out by Karan’s help. He goes to meet Pakhi at the hospital. Suraj gets angry knowing Chakor is becoming the project head. He asks Chakor how did she agree to Karan. Chakor tells Suraj that she had to do this to save him from the blames. He says I always wanted you to do this work, you denied before and now you accepted Karan’s offer. He misunderstands Chakor and feels no one believes his capabilities now. Suraj feels low. Chakor struggles to explain him.


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