Ishq SubhanAllah: Zara and Kabeer to celebrate happiness

Zara disappoint Kabeer

Kabeer becomes Qazi. Its a happy moment for the family. Zara feels proud of Kabeer. The family honors Kabeer in a ceremony. Everyone congratulates Zara and Kabeer. Zara wants to be Kabeer’s adviser. Kabeer’s dad is happy that his dream is fulfilled. He hugs Kabeer happily. He got Zara and Kabeer married to see this day. Zara’s parents also bless Kabeer heartily. Zara compliments Kabeer on his looks. Zara is happy that her relation with Kabeer is getting fine. Zara warns Ruksar and asks her to stay away from Kabeer. She wants Ruksar to leave from the house soon.

She challenges Ruksar that Kabeer will kick her out in front of the family. Ruksar swears that she won’t leave Kabeer. Ruksar’s alliance gets fixed in a good family. Zara is relieved that Ruksar will leave and free Kabeer. Ruksar shows the Meher slip and blackmails her. Ruksar says I will tell everyone about the Meher cheque deposit. Zara doesn’t know how to stop Ruksar.

Kabeer’s dad didn’t keep his promise to get Ruksar and Kabeer marriage. Ruksar is jealous over Zara and Kabeer’s closeness. She wants to defeat Zara. Zara is sure to defend Ruksar’s tricks and secure her relation with Kabeer. Zara spends time with Kabeer. They have a moment and wed again. Zara tells him that she will sit with him till he finishes the work. Zara’s cute gestures make him smile.

Zara tells him that his dad has done the right thing by fixing Ruksar’s alliance. Kabeer jokes that she can’t see Ruksar’s happiness. He compliments her friendship with Ruksar. He says Ruksar will be marrying someone better than me, I m happy for her. Zara tells him that she liked the alliance, its a good family and even the guy is suitable for Ruksar. She hopes her insecurities get solved. She wants his dreams to get fulfilled. He is impressed by Zara, knowing she is clean hearted. Zara and Kabeer’s romance will be seen.


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