Ishqbaaz: Pinky’s accident comes as a shocker for Shivay


Shivay gets heartbroken when he fails to save his family members from getting arrested. Pinky meets with an accident. Her condition gets critical. Shivay rushes her to the hospital. Obros find hard to defeat Roop. Roop has lost her son Veer because of Shivay. She is mistaken that Shivay has killed Veer. Veer actually met with an accident and breathed his last. Roop wants to kill Shivay and all Oberois to settle scores. She gets more dangerous and evil minded. Shivay weeps thinking of his life’s miseries. Anika has left from Shivay’s life.

Shivay has lost everything after her leaving. Doctors take Pinky to the operation theatre. Shivay wishes Pinky survives. He can’t live without Pinky and Anika. He has already lost Anika. He can’t lose Pinky.

Shivay feels guilty seeing Pinky’s state. Omkara and Anika ask Shivay not to break down and have hope that Pinky will get fine. Shivay sees Pinky getting treated. He fears that he will lose his mum forever. Shivay doesn’t know why Anika didn’t trust him. Roop has laid the web of misunderstandings very smartly, that broke out the trust between Shivay and Anika. Roop had complaint against Oberois by Anika’s name, which makes the Oberois hate Anika. Shivika gets separated by Roop’s evil plotting.


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