Ishqbaaz: Shivika’s hatred story to begin

Ishqbaaz: Shivika romance and lots of family drama lined

Shivay tells everyone that police is coming to arrest them on Anika’s complaint. He assures that he will arrange bail for them. Lawyer fails to arrange the bail before police arrives. The family understands that Roop is behind this conspiracy, Anika can’t do anything such. Roop goes to find Veer. She learns that Veer met with a fatal accident. She wants to find him and know if he survived. Someone tells her that Veer has died and is taken to morgue. Roop regrets to lose Veer. She had dreams to stay happily with her son. She dislikes the fact that her revenge got fulfilled, but she has lost her son.

Police arrests Tej and Shakti. Obros try hard to stop the arrest. They complain about Roop, who is the real criminal. Shivay gets bail for Pinky and Jhanvi. He fails to save Tej and Shakti. Shivay promises to free them soon. They trust Shivay that he will make everything fine. Shivay sends them with an assurance.

Roop’s plan succeeds. She sends the media after the Oberois to defame them for the arrest. Shivay protects the family prestige. He gets into a fight with the media. Omkara and Rudra stop Shivay from losing his mind, that can cause more troubles for them. Roop gets happy to see their arrest. She cries for Veer’s death. Anika leaves the city with her brother. She tells Sahil that they will be living together from now on, there won’t be Shivay with them. Anika sheds tears thinking of Shivay’s remarriage. Pinky is sure that Anika can’t cheat them. She has a belief that Roop has manipulated Anika, just like she cheated Shivay. Pinky gets distressed. She goes to meet Shivay. Roop kidnaps Pinky at gun point. She gets mad for revenge. She tells Pinky that she has lost her son Veer forever. She wants to kill Shivay now. She tells Pinky that Shivay has killed Veer. She asks Pinky to call Shivay. She wants to weaken Shivay. She tells Pinky that she made Anika away from Shivay so that he falls weak.

She admits to Pinky that she had handed over the evidence to police by Anika’s name. She is sure that Shivay will dislike Anika now and will shatter down. Pinky regrets for the misunderstandings growing between Shivay and Anika because of Roop. She refuses to listen to Roop. She speeds the car to die and kill Roop along. They meet with an accident. Roop gets unharmed and leaves Pinky in the car in an injured state. Gauri and Bhavya get to meet the girl who claims to be Shivay’s wife. They make the girl realize that the marriage was fake, and she has to leave. The girl tells them that she is helpless, she can’t go back home, Roop will kill her. Gauri and Bhavya worry for the bad situation. Shivay tells the commissioner that Roop has manipulated the evidence to trap Tej and Shakti. He gets the shocking news about Pinky’s deadly accident. Shivay gets angered on Anika, holding her responsible for the misfortunes. Pinky knows the truth about Anika’s innocence. Anika and Shivay lose belief in each other. Shivika’s hatred story will begin.


  1. Stop spreading rumours just go n check on Instagram there is nothing like hatred in the track episodes r gonna very exciting from Wednesday n nothing bad is gonna happen


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