Kaleerein: Meera to search for Vivaan’s mother

Kaleerein: Thrill, suspense and horror twist next

Vivaan and Meera get into an argument. They get hitting each other with their verbal taunts. She always tries to stay happy and not fight with Vivaan, but things go wrong. Vivaan is believing Roma. Meera wants to help Vivaan find his real mum. She wants to clear her dad’s name from the mess. Meera is troubled because of Roma’s lie that Vivaan’s real mum is dead. Meera wants to get Vivaan’s mum so that she can open his eyes. Vivaan gets emotional when Meera speaks about his mum. He is angry thinking Meera is lying and playing with his emotions.

She wants to explain that Roma is filling poison in his mind. She is trying to talk out to Vivaan and win his trust. Vivaan tells Meera that he trusts Roma more, as Roma raised him. He refuses to take her help. Meera doesn’t want to bear his attitude. They have a clash. She learns about his birthday. Vivaan doesn’t want to celebrate his birthday. Meera plans a surprise party for him. Roma keeps an eye on Meera to spoil her plans.


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