Piyaa Albela: Pooja to positively influence Bela

Naren plays a prank on Meghna

Bela wants to kill Naren and takes out Praveen’s heart from his chest. She even tries to kill his family, but Naren comes there, burns her house and rescues his family. Bela’s father gets shattered knowing about her crimes. He gets stuck in the fire and shouts for help. Bela stands shocked. Naren runs to save him, jumps in the fire and rescues Bela’s father.

Pooja tells Bela that although she tried to kill Naren and his family, but he being a good man couldn’t see her father in trouble and that’s why ran to save him risking his own life. She asks Bela how she will take revenge from Praveen’s heart now knowing his heart has saved her father’s life. She asks her to take her revenge, but answer to her first. She asks if she kills Naren then what is the guarantee that there will be no dowry-greedy Praveens’ everywhere who will not hurt any Bela.

Bela has a change of heart after Pooja makes her understand that she has to end the bad thinking of dowry rather than becoming criminal herself. Bela apologizes to Naren and his family and thanks him for saving her father. This ends Bela’s chapter for once and all. Naren and Pooja’s misunderstanding is cleared as well. Pooja decides to start afresh with Naren forgetting all the bitterness. Surbhi is thankful to Naren for saving her baby.


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