Udaan: Suraj to support Chakor’s new assignment

Huge drama ahead in Udaan and Roop

Chakor becomes the project head. Suraj returns home by Karan’s help. Suraj gets angry on Chakor for leaving Saanvi’s responsibilities. He feels cheated and confronts Chakor for the deal with Karan. He suspects Chakor. Chakor gets heartbroken when her husband misunderstands her. Suraj finds Chakor upset. He apologizes to her for being angry on her, when she wasn’t at fault. She explains him that she took the project responsibility just to save him from jail. Suraj realizes her intentions and feels sorry to misjudge her. Suraj is out from the project now. He tells her that he will take care of Saanvi, while she manages the project. They have a sweet moment.

Chakor is relieved that Suraj didn’t drag the annoyance further. She asks Suraj to always support her. They visit a temple to pray for their well-being and new tasks.

Chakor and Suraj’s problem of managing Saanvi gets solved. Imli takes a disguise and meets them to take the work of a babysitter. Chakor needed a nanny to assure that Saanvi stays in good hands. Chakor gives Saanvi’s responsibility to Imli, being unaware of the truth. Chakor and Suraj get busy in the village project. Imli takes advantage of the situation. She wins Chakor’s confidence by saving Saanvi from troubles at a temple. Chakor believes her, knowing Saanvi will be safe with her. Chakor becomes Imli’s target.


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