Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Kiran’s arrest to break family peace


Kiran tells Bala that she doesn’t know Sonakshi and heard about her from Mihika. Bala believes Kiran. He tells her that he will make Ishita apologize to her. She is happy that Bala believes her. She asks him to always trust her. He is grateful to her for handling his family so well. He asks Kiran to take some rest. Kiran gets a work. She tells Bala that she can’t trouble him more. She lies to him and goes to meet Neha. Adi reaches Roshni’s place, after getting into a fight with the goons. Roshni does his aid, while he gets closer to her. Roshni stops Adi before he crosses the limits. She tells him that they are doing wrong to cheat Aaliya. She asks Adi to just be her friend. Raman and Ishita take Neha’s help and catch the real culprit Kiran behind Sonakshi’s death. Kiran’s true face comes out.

Arushi scolds Kiran for ruining Sonakshi’s life. Arushi slaps her and vents out her anger. Ishita tells Kiran about Sonakshi’s suicide. Kiran acts innocent and unaware of the matter. Mani gets angry on Adi. Aaliya assures that she will handle the matter. Mani wants to talk to Adi as its about Aaliya’s life.

Aaliya tells him that Adi maybe in some work. Mani tells her that he will not take Adi’s bad behavior. Iyers worry for Adi and Aaliya’s spoiling relationship. Arushi tells Kiran that Sonakshi was trapped because of the fraud, she was an illegal immigrant who had no option than to give up her life. Raman asks Kiran how can she take advantage of his illness and make a fraud company to reap benefits. Ishita questions Kiran for cheating people and ruining lives. Arushi calls police to get Kiran arrested. She wants Kiran to pay for her crimes. She asks Raman and Ishita not to help Kiran. Arushi asks inspector to put Kiran behind bars. Kiran apologizes to them. Iyers aren’t aware of Kiran’s matter. Mani learns that Adi is still with Roshni. He loses his temper. He asks Mrs. Iyer to give Roshni’s address, so that he can meet them.

Mrs. Iyer tries to manage the situation. Aaliya feels things are going out of hands. She wishes Raman and Ishita handle Mani. Arushi tells Raman that she wants Kiran behind bars. Raman tells her that maybe Kiran isn’t the only culprit, they have to know her team. Kiran asks Raman to inform Bala about her arrest. She is sure that Bala will support her. Mihika and Bala discuss about Kiran. Bala then receives a shocking news about her arrest. Raman and Ishita break the bad news to Iyers. Bala scolds Raman for framing Kiran. Ishita tells Bala that Arushi has punished Kiran for her crimes. She reveals the entire matter to Bala. She tells how Kiran was cheating people by using Raman’s company name. Bala doesn’t believe them. Raman tells Bala about the evidences, that points to Kiran. Bala gets speechless. He still wants to meet Kiran once. He asks Raman and Ishita not to get involved in his family matters. He refuses to take help from Raman. Raman feels someone is playing this game and using Kiran as a front face.


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