Ishqbaaz: A tiny leap to spice up Shivika’s lives

Ishqbaaz spoilers

Shivay rushes Pinky to the hospital. He shatters when doctor tells him about Pinky’s critical state. Gauri tells Shivay that Pinky wanted to talk to him about Anika and left from the house in a hurry. He holds Anika responsible for Pinky’s state. He then learns Pinky has slipped in a coma. He gets angered on Anika’s cheat. He feels cheated that Anika didn’t believe him and didn’t wait for him, instead she has believed Roop. He cries out his feelings that Anika didn’t show any belief in their true love. He has done a lot for Anika and even got blackmailed by Roop to prove her dad’s innocence. He feels Anika did wrong to put the family at risk. He wants his answers from Anika.

He promises Pinky to confront Anika and also show his hatred to her. Anika too regrets over Shivay’s cheat. She too doesn’t want to keep her love for Shivay. They both lose their beliefs in each other. Anika doesn’t want to meet him again. Shivay wants to shower his hatred on her so that she gets punished for punishing his family for no fault. He tells Pinky that he has done the fake marriage for Anika’s sake, he didn’t know Anika will take a step against them.

Roop uses the bride which she has sent inside Oberoi mansion. The bride shows her true colors. She gets inside Shivay’s life to turn rich. Roop calls her up and asks her to get Shivay for her. The bride shows her interest in Shivay. She becomes fake Chutki to fool Shivay and Anika. She wants Shivay to accept her. She gets a place to stay in Oberoi family. She is sure to get her rights over Shivay. Shivay and Anika move on in their lives. A leap of few days will be seen.

Shivay stays happy with his brothers and family. He rejoices that Tej and Shakti got freed from the jail. Anika takes care of Sahil like before. She is happy in her small world. Tej and Shakti get happy to be back with the family. Shivay keeps his promise and unites the family.

Tej gets grateful to Shivay. He apologizes for always misunderstanding Shivay. Shivay feels sorry that everything happened because of Anika. Shivay brings happiness in the family. He misses out Pinky, who is still in a state of coma. Shivay couldn’t move over Anika’s cheat. He spends time with Pinky. He wishes Pinky gets fine soon. He gets frustrated to think about Anika. Shivay asks his brothers to stay with Pinky till he meets some doctors. Omkara and Rudra persuade him to have some change in life. They request Shivay to attend a fashion show along with them. Shivay agrees for their sake.

Anika turns helpless to earn for Sahil’s medical treatment. She needs money for Sahil’s operation. She tells her friend that she needs a job urgently so that she can arrange money sooner. Anika gets an assignment. She gets the chance to prove herself at the same event. She doesn’t want to enjoy the fashion show. She plans to return to Sahil by arranging money. Shivay avoids the fake bride. He stays in his arrogance. Gauri feels bad for Shivay and the fake bride as well. She wishes Anika and Shivay meet soon. Anika gains courage to move on with confidence. She doesn’t want her past to interfere with her present. Shivay tries finding Anika. He wants to get his answers from her. Shivay and Anika meet at the fashion show.


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