Kaleerein: Black magic twists in Vivaan and Meera’s lives

Kaleerein: Meera and Vivaan to get remarried

Meera will be going away from Vivaan, before proving Roma’s true face to him. Meera learns about Roma’s lie about Vivaan’s real mother’s existence. Roma feels insecure that Meera is failing her plans. Roma goes a step ahead and shoots Meera in a fit of rage. She doesn’t want Meera and Vivaan to unite. Roma’s imagination comes to an end soon. Meera and Roma have an argument. Meera answers her taunts well. Dolly asks Meera not to anger her mum in law. Dolly bears the insult by Roma. Roma throws her sandal over Dolly.

She asks Dolly to make her wear the sandal. Meera stops Dolly. She scolds Roma for insulting her parents. Meera plans to surprise Vivaan on his birthday. She wants to prove that his mum is alive.

Vivaan imagines a cute birthday wish from Meera. Vivaan doesn’t have any hopes about his mum’s survival. He blindly believes Roma. Roma plants few things and tries to blame Meera for black magic. She is using cheap tricks to separate Vivaan and Meera. Vivaan has a belief that Meera can’t stoop so low to try such cheap things at him. He tells Roma that Meera’s parents may have trapped him, but Meera can’t be involved. Roma gets angered. Meera wants to clear the accusations from her parents’ name.


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