Udaan: More troubles for SuKor ahead


Chakor visits the temple to pray for the village development project. Imli plans to hurt Chakor to trap her in the new plans. Chakor slips near the stairs and loses the pram which carries Saanvi. Chakor runs to save Saanvi. A lady saves Saanvi and tells Chakor that she is in need of work. Chakor gets impressed by the woman. She gets glad that Saanvi is safe. She thanks the lady for coming there as an angel. She asks the lady to come to haveli and work as Saanvi’s caretaker.

She is sure that the lady is good to look after Saanvi in her absence. She tells the lady that Lord has sent her in their lives. Imli and Karan have sent the lady to fool Chakor. Imli tells Karan that Chakor has seen the lady’s face and will not doubt on her again. She prepares to reach haveli. Imli meets Chakor and takes a disguise. Chakor misunderstands and hires Imli as Saanvi’s Nanny. Suraj gets kidnapped by the goons. Karan plans to bring a storm in Chakor and Suraj’s lives. Imli wants to turn Saanvi into a bandhua.

Chakor gets busy in looking after Saanvi. Suraj asks her to take some rest, as she is managing project work also. He tells her that he will accompany her in her office. Chakor doesn’t want him to come, as he may fall in problem. He tells her that he is feeling lonely since she joined the job, he wants her to spend time with him. Suraj romances her. Imli breaks their moments. She asks them to help her make food for Saanvi. Suraj guides her and asks her to try making the food. Chakor tells Suraj that she will make the food for Saanvi and teach the Nanny as well. Suraj gets upset with Chakor for not giving him time. Chakor finishes the work soon and comes back to Suraj. He stays annoyed with her. She tries to convince him. Imli creates misunderstandings between them. She can’t see Suraj and Chakor happy.


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