Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Adi’s affair news to trouble IshRa


Raman tells the family that they have got the culprit arrested. Simmi doesn’t like the blames on Parmeet. She asks Raman to tell them about the culprit. Raman doesn’t want to reveal about Kiran. Simmi demands to know the name. She scolds Ishita for hiding Kiran’s name. She reveals to everyone that Kiran is behind the illegal fraud of human trafficking. She tells them that Raman and Ishita was doubting on Parmeet before. She expresses her annoyance over Ishita’s accusations on Parmeet.

She asks Ishita why is she hiding Kiran’s mistake, its because Kiran belongs to Iyer family. She demands Ishita an apology. Raman doesn’t want Ishita to apologize. Ishita apologizes to Parmeet and Simmi. She admits her mistake. Ruhi worries that Ishita is blackmailed by Parmeet for some reason and still not revealing the reason to the family.

Roshni feels she should leave from Adi’s life. Adi yells on Aaliya when she calls to ask about his whereabouts. She wanted to inform him about Mani. Mani reaches Roshni’s house and finds Adi there. He beats him Adi. He punishes Adi for cheating Aaliya. Roshni worries seeing Adi and Mani’s fight. She tries to save Adi. Mani swears to punish Adi for his cheat. Raman and Ishita doubt that Kiran is hiding someone’s name. They feel someone else is also involved in the fraud. Kiran doesn’t speak up anything in the interrogation. Raman tells Ishita that someone is using Kiran as an aide. He feels they should help Kiran. Bala reaches Kiran to bail her out. He faces problems. Kiran calls the real culprit to get her freedom. She wants to get free from the lockup.

Bala tries hard to convince the inspector. He believes in Kiran. He can’t understand why Kiran is targeted. Roshni gets Adi to her home again and does his aid. She apologizes to him. Adi admits his feelings for Roshni. He feels sorry that he couldn’t stand by her. He ignores Aaliya’s calls. Adi and Roshni flow out their emotions and romance. Adi asks her not to worry about the world. Ruhi informs Adi about Kiran’s arrest. She asks Adi to reach Iyer house. Raman and Ishita decide to help Kiran and know the real culprit. Raman faces another problem when Mani comes home to complain about Adi’s affair with Roshni. Mani asks Aaliya not to intervene between elders. He blurts out Adi’s truth.

He tells them how Adi misbehaved with him because of Roshni. Raman and Ishita worry for Adi’s behavior. Parmeet insults Iyer about Kiran’s crime. Iyers learn about Adi and Aaliya’s breaking relationship. Simmi gets a chance to insult Ishita’s upbringing. Raman defends Ishita. He tells Mani that he will find out the truth about Adi. Mani tells them that he has seen Adi at Roshni’s house. Mani and Bala get against Raman and Ishita because of the two problems arising. Adi refuses to talk to Mani. He clears the matter to them. Raman demands him to just say the truth. Adi lies to the family about his affair.


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