Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Naksh grows tensed over his bad premonition


Goenkas await Aryan/Shubham when he doesn’t come home at night. Aryan comes home in the morning in a drunken state, which makes the family worried. Aryan misbehaves with them, which angers Manish. Suwarna gets upset when Manish scolds Aryan. Suwarna wants to handle the matter her way. Naksh stays worried about Kirti and their baby. He wants to assure her safety. Kirti knows his fears and asks him to stay free minded. Naira dances and relieves Kartik’s work stress. Kabeer tries to enter the house to see Naira once. He jumps over the wall, but gets caught up by the security. He runs away to flee as soon as possible, while Kartik sights him. Naira gets tensed knowing the stalker is still on loose. She fears for Kartik’s life. Dadi limits Naira at home.

Kartik chases Kabeer to know his truth. Kabeer conceals his identity cleverly and escapes to trick Kartik. Kartik loses the stalker. He then spots Kabeer, who offers him help. Kabeer misleads him and acts friendly. He gets saved from Kartik’s doubt. Guards tell Manish that Kartik has gone out of their reach while chasing the stalker. Kartik returns home, and brings a layer of relief in the family. Naira worries for Kartik’s safety. Kartik tells her that he couldn’t catch the stalker. Naksh gets busy in work. He worries for Kirti. He feels he is not doing his duties well. She tells him that she will take good care of her. She promises to be secured. She thinks of taking Naira along to the hospital.

Inspector informs about the stalker. He asks Goenkas not to respond to any online friends, which encourages such fraud people. Naira calms her fears. She feels affected by the mishappening. Kirti teases Naksh by acting unwell. Naksh gets too worried for him. Kabeer plans his engagement with Naira. Aryan visits Kabeer and confronts him for the cheat. Aryan doesn’t learn about Kabeer’s obsession for Naira. Kabeer tells Aryan that he is soon marrying his love. He buys a mangalsutra for Naira. Kartik and Naira spend some cute moments. She understands his fears. He tells her that he isn’t weakening her by his fears, but just wants to spend time with her. She asks him to go office. She too stays afraid because of the stalker. Kartik leaves for office. Kirti reaches Naira to go for the checkup at the hospital. Kirti falls in trouble because of Naira’s stalker. Will Kirti get at Kabeer’s target? Keep reading.


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