High Five Spoilers

High Five Spoilers Jiji Maa, Perfect Pati and more

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:
Raman and Ishita get Kiran arrested in the fraud case for recruiting candidates for an illegal business. They hold her responsible for Sonakshi’s suicide. They have a belief that someone is using Kiran in the big game and hiding own identity. Raman tells Ishita that just Kiran can help them out in reaching the real culprit. He conspires to find the person so that many innocent lives can get saved. Kiran gets bailed by the team mate. Raman fails to find out the person who arranged her bail before them. They decide to uncover the real culprit. Raman and Ishita visit Iyer house to meet Kiran, but Bala stops them from humiliating his wife more. Bala steps ahead in Kiran’s defence, while she acts innocent in the matter.


Meera’s family wants to celebrate Vivaan’s birthday. Meera also plans up things for Vivaan secretly. Vivaan explains Roma that everyone wants to celebrate his birthday. He too doesn’t wish to go ahead as he haven’t celebrated his birthdays before. Meera tells Vivaan that she has married him and now their relationship is for lifetime. She then warns him against insulting her parents. She angrily tells him that she will divorce him. She argues with Vivaan over Roma’s bad behavior. She clears out that she wanted to end their relation because of their family clashes, but she has changed her mind and would another chance to their marriage. She believes in their marriage relation. Vivaan gets influenced by her.

Jiji Maa:

Falguni tries hard to meet Jayant and Vidhaan. She wants to prove her innocence to Jayant so that he can convince Suyash to meet her. Falguni faces a difficulty when she convinces Jayant for a meet. She also tries to talk to Suyash, but she faces his annoyance. Suyash doesn’t want to meet her ever. He thinks of Falguni’s ugly truth and gets disheartened. Falguni meets Jayant and tells him about Uttara’s involvement in framing Gayatri. She takes some time to contact the forensics to get the DNA report from them. She is hopeful to expose Uttara. Jayant asks her to meet with the evidence next time.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

Kabeer gets saved when Kartik chases to catch him. Kabeer gives drugs to Shubham in order to make his condition more worse after the heartbreak. Shubham gets dying to get drugs from Kabeer. He doesn’t understand that Kabeer is using him for his own motives. Kabeer buys a bridal dress for Naira. He also gets a mangalsutra having his name in the locket. He decides to meet Naira and propose her. Kabeer makes a fake call to Naira to call her at the academy for urgent work. Kirti visits Naira to take her along for her monthly checkup at the hospital. Naira agrees to accompany Kirti in Naksh’s absence.


Kamini fails in her plan to kidnap Mogli. She is involved in child trafficking. Avni then learns about Kamini’s conspiracy behind the adoptions. She seeks Mitali’s help by filing a complaint against Kamini. Mitali helps out Avni in finding the adopted children who went missing soon after the adoption. Kamini gets targeted by Avni. Avni exposes her crimes and gets her arrested by police. Mitali puts Kamini behind the bars. Avni gets relieved to save the innocent kids from the trafficking racket. Neil and Avni meet in the court for Mogli’s custody again. Avni fails to prove herself that she can give a better upbringing to Mogli.

Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki:

Daali gets a letter from her Badimaa/Sandhya. She suspects Kanhaiya on receiving letters from Sandhya every month. She confronts Kanhaiya about the letter. She questions his identity and background. She tells him that she will go back to Janki’s house if he remains a mystery for her. Daali demands to know details of her husband. Kanhaiya finds it hard to avoid her growing suspicions. He tells her that she will get all answers soon. He gets speechless when she tells him about Rathod’s visit at home. Kanhaiya cleverly diverts her. Kanhaiya attempts to find the burnt letter piece after Daali sleeps.

Kundali Bhagya:

Karan stops Prithvi from playing with Preeta’s emotions. He protects Preeta. He doesn’t let Prithvi harm Preeta. Karan clears his stance to Preeta. He tells her that he just wanted to secure her from a bad person like Prithvi. He doesn’t show his interest in her love or friendship. He doesn’t sound selfish. Karan tells Preeta that she is very important to him. He asks her to show his importance in her life as well. She tells Preeta that he didn’t wish her to marry Prithvi, who was not at all suitable for her. Karan’s feelings for Preeta gets increasing. Karan and Preeta have their usual arguments. Karan wishes Preeta realizes her feelings soon.

Tu Aashiqui:
Ahaan promises to protect Pankti. He takes her responsibility. Pankti thanks Ahaan for freeing her by the strength of his love. Sheetal gets conscious. She recovers completely. She aims to expose JD’s crime in front of the family. She reveals to the family about JD’s misdeeds. She tells everyone that JD has attempted to kill her. She feels lucky to reach the family. JD gets cornered by everyone. He threatens to kill Sheetal and Pankti.

Har Shaakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai:

Chaitu Lal worries about Imli’s accident because of the potholes. He demands Puttan to invite tenders by the road contractors. Puttan makes a bogus company and wins the tender. He fails to repair all the potholes. Chaitu falls in trouble knowing his party men are involved in the potholes tender scam. Chaitu doesn’t think about the people. He just reaps benefits by using his party men. His advisor Jha asks him not to anger the people, who would break his vote bank. People get angry on Chaitu’s party when they are ordered to give their properties for new roads built up. People start complaining against Chaitu’s fault. Chaitu gets stuck because of Puttan’s mistakes.


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