Ishq SubhanAllah: Zara and Ruksar throw a big challenge


Kabeer feels insulted because of Zara, who didn’t don the complete veil in front of his investor. She argues with the investor over the women’s rights. The investor tells Kabeer that all the women in his house observe Hijaab. He asks Kabeer to bring a change in his house first, as he has a big responsibility now. Kabeer has become the official Qazi of the city. The investor reminds him his duties towards their religion. Zara is adamant and sticks to her beliefs. The investor gets upset with her behavior and makes a leave. Kabeer and Zara have an argument over the matter. He wishes that their fights get low.

Zara challenges Ruksar that Kabeer will make her leave from their lives. Ruksar gets determined to get Kabeer. She tells Zara that she can die, but not leave Kabeer, who is her first love. They both have a challenge to throw each other out of his life.

Ruksar makes a plan to make Zara out of the house by using Kabeer itself. She knows Kabeer’s ego will help her achieve her goals. She realizes Zara loves Kabeer, while he is just fulfilling his duties as a good husband. She doesn’t want their relation to turn strong by mutual love. She wants Kabeer to throw out Zara from the house. Ruksar plans to hurt Kabeer’s ego, so that he gets instigated to part ways with his wife. Ruksar aims to ignite fire in their lovely relation.


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